not so simple sonic worlds

  1. Not so Simple Sonic Advance 2 Worlds (Sage '21 Game Demo)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Not so Simple Sonic Advance 2 Worlds (Sage '21 Game Demo)

    I apologize for the long wait and I thank you for being patient with me. I am happy to announce the update is FINALLY HERE! This update includes a revamped + extended Act 1 and newly included Act 2. I hope these levels are long enough for you to enjoy in this small game demo! Not so Simple...
  2. Stilic

    Not So Simple Sonic Worlds - WhiteFelineWonder Edition

    A custom build of NSSSW with some sprites from WhiteFelineWonder. Credits: Custom Sonic ripple by Stylix58. Original sprites by WhiteFelineWonder.
  3. Not so Simple Sonic Advance Worlds

    Clickteam Fusion Not so Simple Sonic Advance Worlds

    What originally started as a revival of my original sonic fangame I attempted to do before Sonic Alpha inspired by Alexandre Martins's Neo Sonic Universe became a Sonic Advance Framework for Clickteam Fusion and it's finally done! It is a modified version of Not so Simple Sonic Worlds by...
  4. Not So Simple Sonic Advance Worlds Game SAGE 2020 Demo

    Not So Simple Sonic Advance Worlds Game SAGE 2020 Demo

    Some of you may already know me as the creator of Sonic Alpha. This is a small game demo made to showcase the w.i.p Not so Simple Sonic Advance Worlds made in Not so Simple Sonic Worlds that I'm currently working on. This game demo features only 1 zone with 2 acts so I hope you enjoy! Note...
  5. Sonic: Skyline

    Sonic: Skyline

    Overview Sonic Skyline [working title] is a classic-styled Sonic fangame that takes place in a dystopian city - set in an alternate timeline from the canon series. The locations and overall tone will take inspiration from cyberpunk media. The current demo for SAGE 2020 is simply three acts...
  6. Rextair

    Fazbear in After - SAGE 2019

    Again Disclaimer: This game is inspired by Sonic though, created in Not So Simple Sonic World Engine it is a FNAF fan game and there is no jumpscares in that game. Thanks for Understand. Story: Sunday, Night | Year 1987. After the burning Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place, Freddy Fazbear and his...
  7. UpDownLeftRight

    I Need A Lot Of Help With Not So Simple Sonic Worlds

    So basically, I have a lot of ideas for games to make in NSSSW. I have the basics down. Level design, backgrounds, music, but there's a lot of specific things I need help on. If you would answer some of the questions I have, it would go a long way in helping me make my dreams come true. Thank you!
  8. Sonic Warrior

    Sonic Warrior

    My fangame is based off of "You can do anything", the Sonic CD JP opening theme. Some levels are based off of the song's lyrics and others aren't. The first level is supposed to be the location Sonic is in at the Sonic CD opening cutscene, so if you ever question why the level looks simple and...