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  1. Manimalla

    Game My SAGE 2020 game released: Sole Iron Tail!

    Hi forum members! At last year's SAGE, I decided to enter my little sonic-like slidey platformer called Sole Iron Tail. Fast forward a year and the game has finally launched on Steam and! I've been really appreciating the response from the game, so I'd like to see how the SFGHQ crew...


    THE STORY Billy (aka Gravibot Model: B1LLY) is the last gravibot put out. However, he is met by an onslaught of small yet harmful robots known as Bibibots!!! Luckily, Billy is able to evade these mysterious small robots by manipulating his own gravity! Now Billy needs to both survive and fight...
  3. SPS (Sonic Pet Simulator)

    Complete SPS (Sonic Pet Simulator)

    1.3 version. something that i made in SPACE: sleep FEED: click chili dog
  4. Sonic Freedom Forces

    Sonic Freedom Forces

    CURRENT FEATURES: - 3 LEVELS - Tropical Track - Fleeting Fortress - Glowy Jungle - Tropical Track Boss Tropical Track is a unique take on the classic first level of each zone, with a vibrant contrasting color palette, and high potential for fast finish times. Fleeting Fortress is a...