1. Sonic Z-Treme : METAL SONIC

    Complete Sonic Z-Treme : METAL SONIC

    I remade the Metal Sonic boss fight for the Sega Saturn. It just started with a sprite compression/decompression test...and it evolved. I had obviously to fill a lot of blanks as little was seen from the original! I hope you guys enjoy. Made to run on real hardware. The game runs at a rock solid...
  2. Nova the Squirrel 2

    Nova the Squirrel 2

    Nova the Squirrel 2 is an open source 2D platformer game for the SNES (it's an actual SNES ROM!), and is a sequel to Nova the Squirrel 1 which was previously released for the NES. It has inspirations from many games, but especially the Kirby series, Mario series, and a few other games such as...