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  1. Battle Cross FEVER

    Battle Cross FEVER

    Visit JOIN DISCORD! Downloads: Battle Cross FEVER v0.47 64-bit Battle Cross FEVER v0.47 32-bit Whats new in v0.47: - Play Online with friends using Parsec Gaming - Fix the loading to character select - Add more low res support to 800x600 (UI...
  2. DashNK

    Fan Game Ninjakoopas: Heroes of Light [NOW RECRUITING!]

    ???: SILENCE!!!! TO ALL.... DID YOU KNOW?? IT IS TIME....! THE END, IS NEAR. ALL, SHALL... F A L L!!!!!!!! The Seven... SPRINT Stones... Will be mine... and I... WILL R U L E T H E W O R L D *Evil Demonic Distorted Laughter* NInjakoopas: Heroes of Light is an upcoming Fan-Game by The...