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  1. BlackFlamingo93

    New Sonic Beat Em' Up Game - LOOKING FOR TEAM TO HELP!

    We're developing a new Sonic 2D fangame, currently working out the intricate stuff! Sprites are currently being done! And what we're looking for is: Programmer(s) Can't have a game without these MVPs! People skilled in beat em' up-type games are preferred (obviously)! I won't profess to know...
  2. L

    I can't find a sonic fangame

    hi guys, for a while now I've been looking for a sonic fangame that I played since I was a kid, I don't remember much of what it was about but what I do remember was that there was a hedgehog of the creator (or maybe one of the sonic universe but I don't think) who kissed sonic, and shadow gets...
  3. S

    I can't get Quick bms. Mirror needed

    the title explains it all really. My internet isn't letting me get to the site that is need and I really need the program. if someone could download it and upload it to google drive or any other file sharing site that would be great! please help I really do need it,
  4. OldGamerNewWorld

    Sprite artist Wanted

    Hello all so these past few months we have been super busy with SA4A/Sonic Advance 4 Advanced. We have had fun creating it and we now have more time to work on two projects at the same time but we need help. We have a new and upcoming game that will be all original work and we would like to ask...
  5. E

    New and looking to make a 2D fan game, any help with resources/engines?

    Hello! I'm a new member looking to get into developing a 2D fan game. I was wondering what options I had and what the better options would be if I was looking into making a 2D classic Sonic/Sonic Mania type fan game in 2020, whether it be Fusion or Gamemaker. I have a bit of Gamemaker experience...
  6. Swixay

    Need a 2D Sonic engine for my fan game

    Hello I wanna start create my own Sonic fan game, but I don't know what to use as engine for the game. I research a Sonic engine for 2D Sonic game who don't need programming skill, but I don't wanna be too much limited I wanna edit sprites,hud,props and other things like that. So if you have...
  7. TheCliffStudios

    I've got some issues with my physics, could someone take a look? I need a second pair of eyes.

    So I've been developing a SA style gameplay system in Unity, I'm having some small issues with the main controller for the player character. The issue seems to be around input, sometimes the player won't move, sometimes they move in the wrong direction and sometimes their velocity seems to reach...
  8. WingoftheNight


    Hey people! I'm new here but not new to the fan games that seem to come out of here. I am honestly looking for friends/future partners in projects. So if you guys have any advice to give when it comes to sprite work, fan games, partnering up in general that would be great!
  9. UpDownLeftRight

    I Need A Lot Of Help With Not So Simple Sonic Worlds

    So basically, I have a lot of ideas for games to make in NSSSW. I have the basics down. Level design, backgrounds, music, but there's a lot of specific things I need help on. If you would answer some of the questions I have, it would go a long way in helping me make my dreams come true. Thank you!
  10. overlord nigel

    help making a chao game

    im working on 2 sonic fangame one on rpg maker mv and one on clickteam fusion but i what to add a chao garden game to the rpm maker mv project where not only can you look after multiple chao but race and fight them (at mo i can't even evolve them) as a side part of game. the click team fusion...
  11. Prancer

    I need help with a Story for a Fan-Game

    Hey, I need some help coming up with a story for my fan-game. My mind has been blank for a while, and I don't want to use a generic "Robotnik stole the 7 chaos emeralds again." Thanks in advance! [EDIT] Nevermind I just got an idea that's actually good.
  12. tripplejaz

    Teachyo Self: A Collection of Artistic Resources

    PLEASE NOTIFY ME OF TYPOS WHAT IS THIS? The intent of this thread is to provide resources for those who wish to level up their visual artistic skills. It will be an ongoing list/process. Feel free to add your own helpful resources in the comments and I'll add them to the list. Resources...