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  1. Antonball Deluxe

    Antonball Deluxe

    "Anton's an absolute douchebag" ~SomeCallMeJohnny "Antonball single handedly cured my insomnia and erectile dysfunction, put my kids through college and mowed my lawn. 2/10 not enough balls" ~Rob (Dinosaur Bytes) "I love Antonball" ~Endy "I hate Antonball" ~Apple "Wait, a brickbreaker and a...
  2. zersfers

    Sonic 2 Genesis

    So I've been thinking of working on a new ROM hack. It's gonna be called Sonic 2 Genesis, and it'll be a hack of Sonic Genesis for the GBA. The title's pretty self-explanatory, it'll be Sonic 2 but worse. I need some help though: All the GBA hacking utilities I can find are all for Pokemon...
  3. SlumberGlss

    What is your favorite Sonic handheld title?

    For me, it would have to be either Sonic Pocket Adventure, Sonic Triple Trouble, or Sonic Advance.