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  1. Synesthesia

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Synesthesia

    "Synesthesia is a cat platformer with dynamic music, abstract visuals, and abstract dynamics. " ~Me:emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star::emoji_star: BROWSER VERSION NOW AVAILABLE Play it here on Downloadable version also...
  2. Whiskers & Wags Cleaning Co. - Demo

    Whiskers & Wags Cleaning Co. - Demo

    I present to you a game about a cat maid, Twinkelen, and a dog garbageman, Rote. They're a young couple who run their own cleaning business, Whiskers & Wags Cleaning Co.! In the demo are 3 levels (later will be updated to add a tutorial) where the main goal is to defeat all the baddies and clean...