SAGE 2021 - Demo GRAVIBOTS

    THE STORY Billy (aka Gravibot Model: B1LLY) is the last gravibot put out. However, he is met by an onslaught of small yet harmful robots known as Bibibots!!! Luckily, Billy is able to evade these mysterious small robots by manipulating his own gravity! Now Billy needs to both survive and fight...
  2. Core Engine

    Clickteam Fusion Core Engine

    WHAT'S CORE? Core is a open-source Sonic engine created by myself in association with Tyson Tay, Lighto, Ainand, YohananDiamond, Chopp, Yonatankr, Dark, Carlos Ushiromiya, Dolphman, Yolkin, Troopsushi, Jeloboi, Joshyflip and Nuclear. Some sources were used as a reference to do the physics, such...
  3. Sonic: StarLight

    Sonic: StarLight

    Project Overview Sonic: StarLight is fan-game using Modern Sonic World with 2 original zones, 3 levels, 1 hub world. And It is a modern game that combines the chip mechanics of the classic games. Screenshots
  4. E

    New and looking to make a 2D fan game, any help with resources/engines?

    Hello! I'm a new member looking to get into developing a 2D fan game. I was wondering what options I had and what the better options would be if I was looking into making a 2D classic Sonic/Sonic Mania type fan game in 2020, whether it be Fusion or Gamemaker. I have a bit of Gamemaker experience...
  5. Random Example Assortment for Fusion

    Random Example Assortment for Fusion

    Commented examples for Multimedia/Clickteam Fusion, from ways to move the game camera to creating graphical effects to making a simple main menu. No full game engines. Included: • .mfa file • A couple of extension files just in case Click here to download. No credit of any sort needed, I...
  6. Zack

    Few codes, Results and fails!

    Few layers and codes This is your result! Same for this one Fail of the year!
  7. V

    The olden days

    Does anyone still have those old Click Sprites from 2005? I think they're pretty useful for joke games and stuff like that. And also I'm too lazy to import all of the sprites for game making by myself. There's this one sprite rip of Sonic 3 that I need. And also "ringless" versions of Sonic...