ZuPs! - Snow in Summer (SAGE 2020)

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VERSION 1.1.0 RELEASED - Please check it out over on this game's Itch.io page.
If you'd rather play the original release from SAGE, download 1.0.1,
or download 1.0.2 for the post-SAGE mini-update instead.

"ZuPs! - Snow in Summer"
for SAGE 2020


Enjoy a lighthearted puzzle adventure through a a snow-covered world in "ZuPs! - Snow in Summer."

One summer morning the Fox-bat Daniel Fuchsermaus, noticed that the entirety of
the surounding area was covered in snow. After a bit of convincing of his friends,
he reluctantly started investigating who was behind all of this.


This Two-Button Puzzle Game will test your reflexes and decision making skill!

Press Z, Y or W to make Daniel pick up or drop an orb.
The Fox-bat can only hold one at a time, so he will decide the action!
Press SPACEBAR to get another row added to your playfield, to speed up the action!

Line up three or more Orbs horizonally, vertically or diagonally to make them disappear!
Repeat until you reach the clear line and remove all Orbs below it to win the stage!
Be careful! If any Orb escapes beyond the playfield you will have to restart!


Fully featured freeware software like the good old days!

Read up on explanations, a previous adventure and character profiles in INFO.
Replay stages or revisit cutscenes with the help of the LEVEL SELECT.
Tweak the game's settings, like languages* and orb designs to your liking in the OPTIONS.

(currently not all 8 languages are fully finished.)


Was thinking of making a spinoff of my own series of games that's a puzzler but I figured Sega would turn me down for Puyo, Nintendo would turn me down for Panel De Pon, and Pajitnov would turn me down for Tetris. Maybe I'll make my own version of this!

I kid. (unless...)

Only played the first level or so, but I'm so happy this exists. You don't see a lot of puzzlers like this on the amateur games scene. Usually they're just "soulless" mobile games. It's not the most polished thing, but it brings a smile to my face.

This was also the last game in my "every original sage game" marathon (with the exception of games I couldn't run) so I'd say it ended on a high note!

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