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Victory Heat Rally

General Information

Welcome to the VHR time trial demo!

This is a small taste of the much larger demo that will be launching alongside the VHR Kickstarter soon!

You can find the official VHR webpage & sign up to our mailing list here -

Latest reviews

A trippy 32-bit-styled racing game with great mechanics~

High points:
+Tight controls
+Catchy as hell music

Tripping Points:
-Could just be me, but certain turns made me go cross-eyed with the way the track turns. I don't get motion-sick from gaming, but they did scramble my focus~
-THE STAFF GHOST, WHO I SHALL DUB 'VERA', HAS UTTERLY KILLED MY FINGERS. If you happen to find a raccoon sobing in a back-aley trash can, please send him some band-aids and cheesecake. He desperately needs it, after spending three hours trying his damnedest. It's a tough challenge, but doable if you have skill with racing games~
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So far, with what little bit I can judge, this already seems like a promising retro-style racing game. Graphics are bright and colorful, music is pleasing to listen to, and the controls feel polished. Hope to see more of this game in the future!
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I've never seen a racing game like this before. Has there ever been one? I was expecting low-poly, not no-poly!

I couldn't figure out what the bar that fills up when you drift is for, but I like the feel of the car!

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