It is very difficult and unusual, over time you get used to it and it becomes fun. It is beautifully drawn. The gameplay is certainly interesting, not exactly slow, but not always fast, but it is not for me.
This has potential to be a really great game, but I feel like a few things could stand to be worked on.

The combat with enemies is probably my biggest gripe. It's fairly cumbersome to fight with them when they bounce around as much as they do upon being hit, with the green troll enemies often flying off platforms while I'm trying to dispatch them. The enemies tend to have more health than they really need as well, making them feel damage spongy. I'd suggest having enemies take a maximum of two hits, so that they still have some combo potential but don't take too long to deal with. The flying enemy in particular would probably benefit from only having one HP.

Some more minor complaints are that the health bar is quite difficult to read (maybe make the broken parts a different color?) and that it's difficult to tell when you've taken damage from something.

Otherwise, I love the sprites, animations, and movement mechanics. I'm excited to see this come out as a full game!
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Really snappy controls, and its pretty fun overall~

High points:
I see you took aspects from Vectorman in terms of the sound design~ It works really well, that Genesis-ish feel to the whole of the music and sfx~
-The grappling spine feels really nice to use for platforming and exploration~

Tripping points:
-Not sure I particularly like how heavy that jump feels. I could get used to it, yeah, but on the way, I got(hem hem) chrome-domed in the bone zone. Led to an interesting exchange with a projectile-spitting plant that was more one-sided than I care to admit~