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Twisted Terrace Zone


[Update] If your camera isn't working, it may be a bug relating to player preferences. Simply adjust the sensitivity in the options menu, and press the back button to apply the changes.

About two months ago I discovered the solution to my health issues, and since then I've felt energetic and clear-minded for the first time in ages. With this clarity and vigor, I began to experiment with new gameplay and framework concepts and I took on a new challenge - to see just how much I could create before Halloween. Although much of my framework was ultimately unused, I've managed to learn a great deal about shaders, systems design, and how to get the most out of my own cognitive functions.

While this demo is nowhere near complete or polished, it marks a whole new beginning for my craft. I look forward to everything that my fellow developers and I can create.

Steve Taylor: Generations Model & Animation Porting
Damizean: Portal Shader Reference
Nury Rush: Title Logo
Sean Evans: Intro Jingle


Keyboard Controls:
WASD - Movement
Space - Jump
Enter - Pause
Period | Middle Mouse Button - Mouse Camera Control

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I enjoyed it! I feel like this could become a pretty intresting open-zone game with non-euclidean terrain designs. Great job!

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