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SAGE 2021 - Demo Tails 64 Revamped (SAGE '21 DEMO)

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on September 4th, 2020. I released a simple SM64 character hack called Super Tails 64, the only exciting thing it had was the flying habilty. The hack was originaly made by the user PastaPower, he never released the hack officialy so i ended up being in charge of the project. On October 2020, i came up with the idea of making a sequel for the hack. The original name of the project was Tails 64 2, a really simple name. but a good friend of me came up with the official name. Tails 64 Revamped! and thats how it all started.

Now, about the ROM Hack.
Tails has an entirely new model!
Theres 5 levels to explore
Theres custom running animation and you can spinjump!
Theres custom voice clips
and way more!

The hack is being ported on decomp, so thats why i decided to release a demo of the hack.

When you download the file, open flips.exe and click "Apply Patch", after you've done that. Choose a clean Super Mario 64 ROM. then choose the patch located in the .zip file. After you've done that, a message will appear telling "Patched succesfully!" If it dosent, then you've downloaded the wrong SM64 ROM.

Then, go to Project64. If you are using PJ64 1.6, go to: Options Settings » Rom Settings Tab » Memory Size then select 8 MB from the drop-down box. If you are using PJ64 2.X, go to: Options » Settings » Config: ► Memory Size, select 8 MB

If you need any help, contact me on Discord as leg#1032

Tails Adventure 64 (Tails 64 Revamped Decomp) Twitter for updates!


supershanio64 - Code
GeekyVoiceActs - Tails VA
RetroCords1996 - Textures
Orange The Scuttlebug - Models
dualsh0x - Double digit HUD
PastaPower - OG Creator of Tails 64, flying physics
Thodds - Running animation
LandonJames - Textures

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