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Super Robotnik Land Remake is the remake of Dezzan's Super Robotnik Land from 2008 based on the smash hit video by CraaazyCat13, featuring lots of new content including colorful graphics, new worlds to explore, new bosses to tackle and many more stuff to bring in on.

Instructions can be found by pressing F1 button on the main menu.

Plankton does not say "CORRECT!" upon entering the correct level password.
- Kingman is harmless
- When entered menu, Kingman is kept play Dinner and the music still play.
- When Robotnik bounces off after touching the spikes leaving offscreen, the game will not restart (or not will play Smash 64 hit sound effect).
- Some of the sounds are silent need to volume up.


September 2019 Build

Current November 2019 Demo Build:

A Proof-of-concept New World (Possibly there would be a later build in works...)


Every sprites by Tape (Aka: Master Tapeworm)
Made in Multimedia Fusion Developer 2 (Not an actual Clickteam Fusion).
Characters, music, sound and other stuff belong to respective owners.
Based on the YTP, Robotnik and His Gameboy by CraaazyCat13

Alternative download, follow for the game's progress!

Follow me for Twitter for updates (I also make art!)


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