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Super Mario Unleashed (2021 Demo)

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The Difference is Night and Day!

Super Mario Unleashed follows Mario in a race against time to save the world... himself!? When turned into a Midbus, an ancient Pig species, Mario must Travel around The World, Restoring it From Bowser after he separated for his evil scheme to make his country (Bowseria) for diplomatic immunity . Along the way helping his new friend, Chippy, to help him remember who he is.
Super Mario Unleashed is a 2D Platforming game featuring Normal levels in the daytime & reverse levels in the night the game includes

-All New 2D Levels
-Over 10 Worlds with real-world cultural influence with Mario Elements
-Many Extra Missions which test your Mario Skills
-A improved Unleashed Akin Story
-A Spaghetti stand run by Luigi
And a lot More to come!

The Demo Features 3 Worlds, Intro, Akonos & Kengeria.

Also the game is very buggy at points due to the engine and does take awhile to load so be patient

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At first, it was played well. As a result, there is just a glitch in the second world that does not allow you to go further. Impassable game, waiting for patches or a new demo.
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Yeah sorry the demo end there, wait for the Gamejolt page to come up, a new demo and follow this page


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