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Super Glovekid - SAGE 2018


Graphics: This is a good example of what NOT to do in pixel art. The contrast is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too freakin high. I don't care if it's even an art style, The contrast hurts my eyes. I slightly like the simplistic style going on here, but the contrast just ruins the art style for me as it is way to bright and can REALLY hurt your eyes.

Gameplay: Okay, now for the game. The game is a standard platformer that's typical of platformers out there. Other than the two character's main abilities, There's very little that the game has that makes it stand out. It plays well, Difficulty is a LITTLE off balance, but nothing I'll look my sleep over. It's a sub-standard platformer, what's not to like?

~6.8/10 i need eyedrops