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Super Glovekid - SAGE 2018

Project Overview


SAGE 2018 demo


After a mysterious space creature took control of the island's beloved king,
he became crazy, agressive, and sent his "Klone" army over the island, looking for the precious "red gems".

Only Glovekid and Glovegirl, two of the island's strongest heroes, can stop him.



Glovekid and Glovegirl can run, jump, kick enemies and perform wall-jumps.
They also have a special move each, which can be performed by pushing the jump button in mid-air.

(The first few levels act as tutorial)

The game can be played with either a keyboard or a gamepad (XInput or DirectInput, thought the latter is a bit buggy).

The default keys are :
Arrows - Move
Space - Jump
Control - Kick
Escape - Pause

(they can be changed in the options menu)

If you are experiencing slowdown or an unstable framerate,
open "options.ini" and replace "AlternateSyncMethod=1" with "AlternateSyncMethod=0"

XInput gamepads should work with the game (analog sticks do not work yet)
DirectInput gamepad support is limited at the moment - not all buttons will work.

It is recommended to setup your gamepad buttons in the options menu if
you have a DirectInput gamepad
The save data and config files are located in your Local App Data folder (C:\<Username>\LocalAppData\SuperGlovekidSAGE\)
If you want to reset your progress or remove all game files from your hard drive,
simply delete the folder from your Local App Data.​

Screenshots and media!


Wood Village


Ancient Lake


Crystal Palace


Crystal Palace Boss


Title Screen


Game by Flytrap Studios

Created with Game Maker Studio 1.4 by YoyoGames
Graphics made with aseprite (v.0.9.5) by David Capello
Sound effects made with SFXR by DrPetter

Music by :
4mat - Arcc - Reed Richards - Ceekayed - Maf - Jester
Damien Blond - Noby - Sligthly Magic - Heatbeat
Andreas Viklund - XTD - Protocol - Norfair - Crimson
Haze - Deansdale

(downloaded from​

Latest reviews


Graphics: This is a good example of what NOT to do in pixel art. The contrast is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too freakin high. I don't care if it's even an art style, The contrast hurts my eyes. I slightly like the simplistic style going on here, but the contrast just ruins the art style for me as it is way to bright and can REALLY hurt your eyes.

Gameplay: Okay, now for the game. The game is a standard platformer that's typical of platformers out there. Other than the two character's main abilities, There's very little that the game has that makes it stand out. It plays well, Difficulty is a LITTLE off balance, but nothing I'll look my sleep over. It's a sub-standard platformer, what's not to like?

~6.8/10 i need eyedrops


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