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SAGE 2023 - Complete Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition


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Super Freaks Presents: Strato-Scruffy (2009)
Super Freaks Classic Pack (2006 - 2016)

They're super. They're freaky! And they star in the secret best platformer this year!
Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition was featured at SAGE last year--it is now fully complete and ready to blow your mind with four player co-op and some of the most methodically designed platformer levels you'll ever experience.


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Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition is a 2D platformer featuring single player and up to four player drop-in/drop-out cooperative gameplay.
Go to the right, jump on enemy heads, reach the exit, all of that standard stuff. When you select a level, you can choose between any of the Super Freaks before playing, as well as a whole host of other unlockable characters. There are over 20 characters total!

Every level can be played in one of three difficulty modes (Easy, Normal, Hard) that changes the level layouts. You can also set the minimum amount of hearts you start with (upon death or starting a level) and the maximum amount of hearts you can have (default is 10, max is 99). You can also set three modifiers: a Mirror Mode, Fast Forward (speeds everything in the level up by 1.5x with a few exceptions to make it actually possible), and a Game Over screen so you too can suffer permadeath!


Compared to other platformers, the Super Freaks have a few extra tricks up their hypothetical sleeves, so let’s go over those:
ActionDefault Keyboard/Mouse BindingDefault Gamepad Binding
LeftLeft Arrow Key, ALeft on D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
RightRight Arrow Key, DRight on D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
UpUp Arrow Key, WUp on D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
DownDown Arrow Key, SDown on D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
Pause / StartESC, Enter KeyStart Button
Jump / ConfirmZ, Space, Left ClickA on Xbox, X on PlayStation
DenyX, Right ClickB on Xbox, Circle on PlayStation
Bubble (Co-op)C, Right ClickY on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation
Elastiband Toggle (Co-op)C, QLT on Xbox, L1 on PlayStation
Elastiband Color (Co-op)V, ERT on Xbox, R2 on PlayStation
Drop Out (Co-op)ShiftSelect on Xbox, Home on PlayStation



Jump Ball
  • In an attempt to emulate their beloved Uncle Swordsman’s blade, the Super Freaks pioneered a spinning jump attack. Jumping at all will curl the player into a ball, which spins so fast that it’s surrounded by an energy field. This will let the player attack enemies at any angle. If an enemy is big enough, the player will bounce off of it.
Wall Jump
  • You can also wall jump! Hold against a wall in the air to begin sliding against it. Jump again while doing so to jump away from the wall. You can keep jumping between two walls in rapid succession to climb up them.
  • You might come across some Climbing Fences in your not really epic journey. When touching a Climbing Fence, press the up button to grab onto the fence. You can climb around in eight directions while grabbing on a fence, and you can let go at any time by jumping off. Be careful though! Some Climbing Fences will begin to move or even fall when you grab on.
  • You can also climb on poles! Press left/right to flip to the other side of the pole.
  • Hooks are another thing you can hang off of. You can simply jump and land on a hook to begin hanging from it. You can either jump off or hold down while pressing jump to fall straight down, both of which will come in handy.
  • In cooperative play, joining the game mid-level or pressing the bubble button will place you inside a bubble. When in a bubble, you’ll bounce around the screen, but you can hold the jump or bubble button to move towards another player. The other players will need to pop your bubble to free you. This move is useful if there’s a difficult section you know you can’t do but your friends can! It’s also useful for saving yourself from a bottomless pit at the last minute. Just don’t all of you bubble at the same time!
  • Pressing the Elastiband button will turn on/off your Elastiband. If more than one player has their Elastiband active, you’ll be connected to each other by a big rubber band, like in Knuckles Chaotix. You can yank each other around with the Elastiband, which is good if one of you is falling behind in any way.
  • You can also change the color of your Elastiband between two separate colors, and you will only connect to people with the same color Elastiband.
  • If one of you is dangling in the air below your buddies, you can also hold the down button to lower yourself. Letting go will slingshot you straight up in the air so you can join your friends. Be careful not to dangle too low, or you’ll fall off the bottom of the screen!
  • Pressing the pause button…pauses the game! What a concept! There are a few things you can do here though, so it’s actually worth me going into detail. You can choose to restart the level, go back to the last checkpoint you hit (a must if you’re grinding for trophies), or exit the level.
  • There is also a multiplayer option, which depends on which player paused the game. The current "leader" (Player 1 by default unless they disconnect) will have a “kick players” option and can choose to kick the other players for whatever reason. The other players on the other hand will have a “drop out” option instead and can drop out of play this way.
  • You can also remap your controls from the pause menu.

Noh Bodee.png

There are a variety of game modes which are pretty dope if you ask me.

  • This is the main story mode. Cutscenes will play before and after some levels, which you can fast forward through and/or skip if you don’t like sitting through the stupidest video game storyline you’ve ever seen.
  • Free Play
    • You can replay any level you’ve completed without cutscenes or anything. Good for quick plays and practice! You can still grab trophies here to unlock things.
  • Randomizer
    • An endless survival mode. Here, every level you’ve beaten is thrown at you in random order. Unlike in the main game, you are guaranteed to get a game over if you lose your lives, so watch out!
  • Speedrun
    • You must beat several levels back-to-back as fast as possible. At the end, you’ll see your time. There is a total of 10 (!!) speedrun modes; one for each world in the game (unlocked by beating every level including the secret level in that world), one containing every main story level, one containing every secret level, and one featuring every level in the game.
  • Boss Rush
    • The good old boss rush: fight every boss in a row. Your hearts stack between fights, but you can game over here, so don’t slip up!
  • Character Cards
    • Any character you meet in the game will have a bio appear in this mode. You can read all about that character. This saves me from having to exposition dump during the cutscenes!
  • Movie Theater
    • Wanna watch the X-Freaks get beat up in seconds again? Any cutscene you view in the Adventure mode will appear here for repeated viewing. You can also see the credits!


v1.0.3 - September 21st, 2023
Thanks everyone for all the freak love! You guys got Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition to #10 on the SFGHQ site (as of today) and 1.0.1 got 218 downloads!! Here is a big update for the game that fixes a lot of bugs--there were surprisingly few, but I'm glad I caught these. It also has an updated Conveyor Castle song and the ability to open the Reconnect Controllers screen from the pause menu. More updates are being worked on!

Latest reviews

As my full disclosure, I was part of the playtesting process for this game for a few months and helped brainstorm ideas for a few levels. But even removed from that, I feel like I would say the same things I will here; This game is incredibly fun in gameplay and presentation.

Everything is meant to have a specific "idealized retraux" feeling, but not in the sense of an NES or PS1 game. Instead, it's aiming to capture the vibe of those old game maker projects you'd play and make as a kid, in part because it's a ground-up remake of one such project to add many, many new features, quality of life changes, and visual updates. In that sense, everything is simply designed but refined to add astounding amounts of character to even the most basic of enemies.

The writing is similarly not at all concerned with trying to be serious, with most cutscenes being more like intermissions between each world to maintain a comedic atmosphere and sometimes, maybe even explain what you're doing there.

The music, while initially MIDI renditions of carefully-selected music tracks, has been completely revamped to songs composed with a specific set of MIDI instruments in mind, as credited in the description. Each one does an excellent job of hitting a sweet spot between "Donkey Kong Country ambience" and "90s infomercial score" that blends well with each level and boss encounter.

And finally, the gameplay itself. While it's a very barebones game in controls, that's to the benefit of how the player interacts with the environment. Everything is finely-tuned to feel snappy and responsive, enemies & obstacles are placed in different and inventive ways that took me by surprise when I played it fresh, and there are many forms of unlockables to try for between finishing levels and getting all the collectible trophies in them. However, the biggest thing I need to stress about the gameplay's fun-factor is the co-operative gameplay. Up to four players can play at once, and not once has the game ever slowed down or felt overwhelming. And on top of that, there's the co-op exclusive "Elastiband", a mechanic inspired by Knuckles Chaotix, in order to add an element of physics interactions and general chaos between having two interchangeable band frequencies available across four players, and the option to simply not use it.
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You know the drill.

It's Super Freaks. It swept. He won our hearts last year with his memes, and won the event this year with a complete product that's absolutely packed with content, playstyle options, and solid precision platforming. There aren't many games out there as simply but tightly designed as Super Freaks, and due to all the feedback he procured last year, it's more polished than ever.

I said it before and I'll say it again; it's ultra basic gameplay, fine tuned to an atom-wide point.
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REAL, couldn't have polished and swept without you. The floor has been swept so hard that it's gone, and the earth underneath is unnaturally shiny
So full disclaimer, I've been friends with this developer for years, I've watched the game's development from start to finish, and I've been a regular playtester for it the whole way.

SF1UE might not look like it from the retro Game Maker inspired art style, but it's honestly one of the most tight platformers I've played in a while. It won't impress you if you're expecting crazy movement tech, but it more than makes up for that with how polished the level design is. It honestly feels like a Nintendo game sometimes in each level introduces new ideas and then incrementally builds atop them. This game does a LOT with such a simple moveset.

Difficulty-wise the game has a somewhat easy start, but it can get downright fiendish once you reach the second half of the game. Thankfully It never feels too brutal, and there's a variety of options from level layout difficulty to HP settings, to self-imposed challenges like game overs, fast forward, and the ability to lower how many hearts you can hold max. There's also a nice amount of speedrun challenge modes too, more games like this need randomizers, tbh.

Worth mentioning too is the co-op experience. I know most people won't get to try it, but if your network or computer can handle Parsec, you absolutely owe it to yourself to try it with a friend or two. The rubberband mechanics are chaotic in a way that really lends itself well to playing with a friend, but can thankfully be turned off if you just want to focus on pure platforming.

The general vibe of the game is also wonderful. It has a goofy tongue-in-cheek cartoon attitude that doesn't take itself too seriously, but also doesn't overstay its welcome. The characters and enemies are fun, the cutscenes are silly, and the music is a vibe. For real, philRaco's soundtrack may honestly be one of the most vibing OSTs I've heard in a game. Many of the mid-late game tracks have a similar energy to the Donkey Kong Country games where you don't expect them to go nearly as hard as they do. By the time you finish the game 100%, you feel like you've been on a journey.

This game is also a technical feat, too?? It supports multiple aspect ratios, 120hz monitors, TONS of controller types, is ridiculously well optimized under the hood, and has all sorts of platforming gimmicks like rotating platforms, time stopping, level hazards synced with the music, etc. that you don't see too often in a lot of indie games of this scope.

Anyway, the #SUPERFREAKSSWEEP is real
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Never played this game but it's really fun. I don't know what it is, but it just feels really satisfying to play in way that's hard to put into words. I can't describe why but it just feels really good to control. The visuals are super engaging as well. I plan on playing through this with my little brother. Thank you!
Never played this game but it's really fun. I don't know what it is, but it just feels really satisfying to play in way that's hard to put into words. I can't describe why but it just feels really good to control. The visuals are super engaging as well. I plan on playing through this with my little brother. Thank you!
Thanks a bunch!!! Glad you really liked it. It's a lot better in multiplayer! Currently there's a small bug where joining with multiple controllers at the very beginning is a bit iffy (I've fixed it since and will upload a new build soon) so for now have your little brother join in from the character select screen or in-game.

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