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Starbuster demo

I really enjoyed this demo! Although ratter floaty compared to Mega Man Zero, the controls fell really good, the arsenal mechanic is so interesting and shows so much potencial, And I loved the spritework and character design!
I believe this project has a lot of potencial, really!
The game feels very Megaman Zero-esque, alright, to the point I had a very enjoyable experience~ I anticipate seeing where this goes, if anywhere, in the future~

High points:
-Controls felt natural and you've pretty much nailed the physics as a great echo to that series.
-The mod system you have in place encourages a lot of creativity (mostly with shot types, at least, in terms of this demo) which really feels nice and keeps the game fresh. The situations per stage each have a few different methods of circumvention thanks to the various mods, and I definitely anticipate playing with more of them as development goes on~
-On top of that, being able to just dig up these mods in stages really encourages not only exploration, like the source material, but also attention and provides a reward for learning your capabilities well~
-I got myself into a few different predicaments because of the jump kick, and I absolutely love that~ It helps make battles feel frenzied and exciting, knowing you can get yourself into and out of trouble so easily~

Tripping points
-I constantly had to fight muscle memory when playing; you can't fire or charge a shot and use the saber at the same time. So many times, I was charging a shot and found myself in the perfect range for a melee attack but couldn't without letting go of that charge first. Heck, the aforementioned DIVEKICK(!!!) is unusable, which doesn't make all too much sense, in my mind, from both a gameplay and realistic sense(i.e. "If my hands are busy, why can't I use my feet?"). I could get used to it, but it made things a bit... needlessly awkward in situations.
-I'm not sure if this is the case or not, but sometimes, the Line Shot mod didn't deal damage? I mean, I tried hitting those spinny-blade-orbs(Oh no, Gabyoalls that rotate vertically and not horizontally! :d) with it, but it... kinda did nothing. Is the hitbox on them just really specific and I happened to have the accuracy of a drunken space-ape or is it just the fact I have the split shot mod on as well? I'll prolly do a bit more testing myself to check that....
-Maybe a few of the sound effects in places were a bit on the soft side, but I can excuse that about as easily as the menu graphics. This is a demo after all, so of course there are going to be some graphics in (agh, pun) alpha.
Just uploaded a patch that fixes those first two issues
Wow, that's very prompt of you~ Nice work dude~
Really good demo and cool game. :) I especially liked the sprites and the character-design.
Solid demo. Great graphics, sprites have style, the character is cool and cute at the same time, the levels have good looking parallaxes, the game controls great and has controller support. The Mega Man X and Z influences are clear, but it's much more of a Z.
I even replayed the game to find all the mods, since it gave me the option to.
This is extremely polished and functions very well! Beautiful graphics nicely compliments the satisfying combat and platforming. If there's anything I'd say that could be changed, I'd say that the gravity and wall-holding fall speed is a bit too fast and the normal running speed tends to get myself into trouble more often because of how quick it is. Also, it seems like the game has an effect after defeating some enemies where it sort of slows down for a split second, but I noticed that it also messes me up more often than it works as an effect. With these small issues aside, this was extremely impressive, well done!
Just uploaded a patch that slows the gravity/wallslide down a tad, had a few people bring that one up.
What do you mean by first stage? Mission 0 or Mission 1? I assume you mean Mission 1 because I searched all throughout Mission 0 and didn't find anything. Unless you mean Cassie's Mission 0?

This is replying to Guilherme's comment.

UPDATE: I searched throughout all of Mission 1 and still didn't find the upgrade you mentioned.
This is for the 2019 demo, "sticky fingers" isn't in the 2020 demo at the moment