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SAGE 2022 - Demo Speedy the Rollerskater 2 - Demo

The demo has potential to be a decent sequel, but there are gripes that must be addressed:

  • Whe playing witht he gamepad, you can use the X360 equivalent of the "A button" to prompt the exit option, which should be something exclusive to the pause menu rather than a front button used for action.
    This issue in the previous compleated game accidentaly killed my run and that's detestable, so please map that option differently.
  • Certain walls behave strangely whe using Speedy's wall jump, like in the second level. Like it didn't stick to the wall at all and it killed the flow of wall jumping
  • Zippy's jetpack felt slow, which doesn't really bode well with a game which relies on speed
  • The camera during the first boss fight got stuck and you couldn't see the ground.
  • When more zones will be released, please add a save system in order to stop an any moment instead of one sessions. We are in the 2020 now, it doesn't make any sense.
  • Level Select, when fully implemented, must have levels rearranged from first to last, not according alphabetical order.
If I sounded harsh, I apologize and I'm willing to edit the language of the post, yet I have to write these things in order to offer at least some feedback for the game's next versions.

Good work and keep it up.
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For a prototype I thought what was there was neat. That being said I have a lot of suggestions

1. Zippy's jetpack is very slow and awkward to use. If you use it while jumping it should make you decelerate slower so you can jump real high with it. Make the jetpack respond more to your current momentum
2. Movement speed when not doing the slide felt really slow, so basically I was constantly doing the slide move to go fast. In addition jumping murders your speed and there's no drop dash equivalent so I felt like the whole time I just had to slide to get through the stage quickly
3. The first boss is stun lockable and his moveset is pretty sparse. Adding more moves and making it so he doesn't pause when getting hit would improve the fight.
4.While the level design isn't bad, it could be improved upon, I'd look at Sonic and the Fallen Star/Triple Trouble 16bit. That being said I think what's more important right now is improving the FEEL of the game. Once Speedy/Zippy feel great to control that's when I'd start worrying about the level design.
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