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My fangame is based off of "You can do anything", the Sonic CD JP opening theme. Some levels are based off of the song's lyrics and others aren't. The first level is supposed to be the location Sonic is in at the Sonic CD opening cutscene, so if you ever question why the level looks simple and not very much detailed, here is your answer.
This fangame is made by me alone, but I still get SOME help at certain programming I don't know from my friends, but the whole game is mainly by me. My goal is to see what fangame I can create by working on my own, the other goal is hoping that this game is enjoyable for everyone and hopefully spreads and becomes popular.
Download the SAGE 2018 DEMO here:
If you want to follow up with updates on the game and its development:
- Z: Jump
- Enter: Pause
- Down+Z: Spin-dash
- Up+Z: Peel-Out (Sonic)
- Z+Z (multiple times): Fly (Tails)

Screenshots and media!

Here are some videos of the game:

Here are screenshots:

Bonus Content

Sonic Warrior is a fun adventure that includes both Sonic and Tails as playable characters! Dr. Eggman is planning on destroying Mobius and Little Planet by collecting all life and energy from Little Planet, charging a huge laser cannon that will obliterate both Mobius and Little Planet! Sonic and Tails rush through a journey to collect all the Time Stones and Chaos Emeralds in order to save the planets!
Features in the game:
- Game has controller support (except for Xbox One controllers, idk why)
- 2 Playable characters: Sonic & Tails.
- You get a Time Stone by defeating the stage's boss.
- Chaos Emeralds are gained by collecting the "Emerald Coin" which is hidden somewhere around each act and you have to find it. Once you find it, stay cautious and you shouldn't lose. If you lose, you lose your Emerald Coin, so make sure to keep it throughout the rest of the stage.


Main idea/game: Molatino
Levels: Molatino (All level layouts and designs in the game)
Designs: Molatino (All designs, art, etc in the game)
Sprites: Molatino (I made some of the sprites in the game)
Engine Help: Spindash12, Sonic Boy, Hedgeland (Helped me if I needed help in some codes)
Stuff from outer sources (Youtube, The Spriters Resource, etc):
MisterAdventure (Youtube: Grass Mountains Zone)
Turret3471 (Youtube: Main Menu Screen)
Yuzoboy (Youtube: Special Stages)
(More credits as game progresses)
(NOTE: They don't work with me. I got their music remixes from Youtube and decided to credit them for their remixes)
AshuraMoon, Sonicfan32, Victor t.h. (Spriters Resource/S.R.: Sonic player sprites)
Doc Melonhead (S.R.: Tails player sprites)
Apocalypse (S.R.: Sonic & Tails sprites in character select)
1001, GameMaster12, SuperChao (S.R.: Sonic 2 - 3 Fonts)
Dolphman, PicsandPixels (S.R.: Level objects such as springs, spikes, and animals)
Techokami, Hivebrain, Yawackhary, Dolphman (S.R.: Badniks)
(NOTE: They are not working on the game with me, but i got their sprite rips from The Spriters Resource and I decided to credit their sprite rips)

Latest reviews


I'm pretty sure the creator has already seen my VOD of this, so they know my thoughts on it, but I still wanted to comment on this for anyone else that sees this. It's a very cool idea, especially if you're a fan of Sonic CD and its intro. Some of the level design could be improved a little, but all of the elements are there. I think it would be neat if the second act had you run up the spire and across the giant chain at the end of the intro. The biggest downside, though it's not really, is that the stage complete song is the normal completion song and not either of the ones from CD. I still loved this though.

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