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Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: Entropy

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(Box art commission by SegaMew (@segamew))
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Antoine is captured by Robotnik. To rescue him, Sonic and Sally seek help from an underground community of roboticized mobians.

Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: Entropy is the first episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog RPG (e.g. SatAM RPG) series, whose fourth episode debuted at this year's SAGE (Click here to check it out!).

SatAM RPG strives to deliver a high quality RPG experience, taking place in the world of Sonic SatAM, between seasons 1 and 2. Inspired by the dynamic nature of Super Mario RPG, players are treated with far more than a formulaic gameplay experience. With multiple playable characters each with their own special mechanics, dynamic map puzzles, cool items, and compelling turn-based strategy, Entropy will leave you believing that Sonic can indeed star in a great role-playing game.

  • Stealth
    • Enemies will only chase you if they see you
    • Player can hide behind objects to avoid being seen and peek at what's up ahead
  • Dynamic Battles
    • Interesting enemy behaviors
    • Unique skills and strategies that fit the SatAM canon
    • Timed attacks
  • Sonic's Run
    • Balancing between speed, aesthetic, and control
  • Cinematic Run Levels
    • Stealth, puzzles, and battles, are all well and good , but sometimes you just want to feel that Sonic speed!
  • Antoine
    • Antoine is a playable character!


  • Move/Menu navigation (Arrow keys)
  • Select/Perform action (x)
  • Cancel/Open submenu/Skip battle turn (z)
  • Change character (c)
  • Use character special move (left shift)
  • Toggle fullscreen (tab)
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Latest reviews

It was certainly short, but it was amazing from start to finish. I love everything about it - gameplay, story, aesthetics, and capturing the vibe of my childhood favorite cartoon. I'm going to try the sequel very soon.
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My bro and I really enjoyed this one, great job! It's so nice to have another SatAM based game. They don't come around often.
LOVE's nice, but not really a stable platform - for example, the version Ubuntu comes with is incompatible with the version used to make this game.
I tried out the new demo and was blown away. The new intro, fixed battle system, and the addition of Atoine were PERFECTION. From this new demo is see unbelievable potential. Outstanding work.
i have played Last Monday i like it the Entropy has got alot to offer gameplay Great the background of Robotropolis just like the exactly from the tv show Excellent Work i give this 10 out of 10

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