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SAGE 2023 - Demo Sonic Test Labs (SAGE '23 Demo)

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Welcome to Sonic: Test Labs!

Here at Hedgehog Testing Inc., we take the matter of rogue and spikey rodents very seriously. They're a threat and a menace to society!

So what have we decided to do? Take matters into our own hands by capturing these creatures and studying them to their fullest extent. All sponsored by G.U.N. of course!

Join us in our trial consisting of
2 fully-fledged facilities! We've also got 1 facility that can be used as a testing ground!

Why wait? Give us a shot and let us know what you think!


Follow us on Twitter!

We are no longer looking for composers! Thank you for applying!

Xbox Layout
A button - Jump/Homing attack
X button - Homing attack
Y button - Light Speed Dash
Left Bumper - Perform Trick
Right Bumper - Roll/Spin Dash
Left Stick - Movement
Right Stick - Camera

Keyboard Layout
Spacebar - Jump/Homing attack
Left Click - Homing attack
Left Shift - Light Speed Dash
Right click - Perform Trick
Left Control - Roll/Spin Dash
WASD - Movement
Mouse - Camera







Latest reviews

Perhaps I've expected too much. I've enjoyed the demo but the mechanics don't feel as fun as I wanted them to be watching the trailer. Sonic feels kinda heavy, so sometimes it's hard to reach for homing attack targets. I'm also not the fan of how Sonic looks but that's just my biased take. This demo also suffers from FPS issues, since for some reason the game runs good only when I play it on Windowed mode. Borderless mode cuts FPS in half or just makes the game choppy. This was also why I got stuck in walls and barrels whenever there was stuttering. What's here is promising overall, so I'll be waiting for the final build in the future (if it comes that is).
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Tiene el potencial de ser un juego muy disfrutable, las animaciones de Sonic son muy chulas y el estilo que han escogido le da un toque cartoon a Sonic que no le viene mal, la música se disfruta, me han dado ganas de ponerme a Speedrunear el segundo nivel al tener muchas maneras de conseguir puntos para el rango S aun siendo enfocado en correr sin parar.

Ahora, el porque
no son 5 estrellas es porque hay un bug que hace que las físicas no funcionen como deberían en algunas partes, (Mi teoría es) que es porque mi ordenador llega por los pelos a 30fps jugándolo, pero aun con ese bug el juego es muy divertido, si te ha llamado la atención el tráiler créeme que pasaras un buen rato jugándolo.

It has the potential to be a very enjoyable game, the Sonic animations are very cool and the style they have chosen gives a cartoon touch to Sonic that does not come badly, the music is enjoyable, It made me want to Speedrun the second level for the many ways to get points for the S rank, even if its focused on running without stopping at full speed.

Now, why dont 5 stars, is because there is a bug that makes the physics to not work as they should in some parts, (My theory is) that is because my computer strugles reaching 30fps playing it, but even with that bug the game is prety fun, if you liked the trailer believe me, you will take a good time playing it.
Yeah unfortunately the physics do struggle because of lower FPS. Not much I can do about that since Unreal runs in a certain way. Sorry about that! Thank you for the review though!

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