SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Stranded Demo 3.2

amazing but a bit laggy though I also couldnt stop laughing when I saw "amy's eye sight" as a graphics quality also what the name of the song for the main menu because its amazing.
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Hey Gnidel. I just wanted to say how much you've improved this game since I've last saw it in 2018. Its really fun and has really good ideas in it. Keep up the good work!

The only negative I can say is that rail grinding is a bit off and it still has the wonky presentation. But art wise it has improved dramatically.
I see you got overlooked again. Well I, for one, think you're doing a great job. I can tell you've been working hard at this and I've noticed a lot of improvements. Mainly...well the new levels are great. I love the concept behind Portal Prison. ... and despite already forgetting the name of the second level, it was quite enjoyable. Both levels are so much more vibrant and colorful than past ones. I'm really looking forward to what else you come up with.

My main complaint is really the camera in some areas. It zooms out so much during the first boss, and the bombs are so big that it's really hard to see where Sonic is sometimes. It was an issue in some areas in the second level (like with the big cork screws) and again, during the second boss. It's a cool boss though.

That was my only real issue with this. I did run into a couple bugs but I haven't had an issue since 3.1 so I'll assume they have been fixed but I'll let you know otherwise. Looking forward to more!
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Elton John
I like how the railing system works... Pls could u show me how to fix mine... I can't seem to get it right... By the way the game is a perfect hit to me n I will like to have the full version