Sonic Smackdown

Aside from running into the .dll error, the fullscreen-ing and dealing with max settings on default, i really like how this game plays! Each character has their own thing and have been inspired by other fighting games (Blaze being the most obvious), but it still had lots of original moves and animations that fit well into the movesets. Really hope this game gets finished cuz the gameplay and modeling are excellent. Very good for a demo
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This has pretty good potential

If it's finished with a decent amount of roster and content, refined gameplay, fixed character expressions, basic and somewhat advanced options or settings and modding capabilities once it's finished this could be the best Sonic Fighting game period.

I've been playing plenty of fighting games but i don't consider myself a person that can give the right feedback for a fighting game, thankfully i don't need to for this one in particular because most of the gameplay it's pretty good as it is, how it controls, how it feels, how the characters move and interact with eachother, almost everything it nails on the right spot which is what is making many people sharing this game.

The character roster of course could always bigger since the Sonic Franchise has a big cast tho which ones get to be picked to join in this game is left to be seen (tho this being a fangame i don't see much problem thinking who could or should be added), there could be plenty more to be added but that's where the mods comes into play.

The music choice for the stages are just fine, it kind of gets me in the mood for fighting though i could've picked other tracks for those stages but that's why i keep bringing up the mods.

The characters animations are mostly good as well, nothing much to say about it except that they fit well for the character you are playing as.

Overall it's pretty good and can be easily be much better once it's finished and even expanded by the community tho that's where we have to wait and see.

For now that's all i have to say about it since this is not finished.
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