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Sonic Skywind SAGE 2022


Sonic Skywind is a different type of Sonic Fangame that isn't inspired by really anything but sure wonder as to why Sonic never really has combat moves in his games. I mean before Frontiers showed up that is. This game will have different gameplay between the two characters Sonic and Shadow who will be the only playable characters.

Sonic will start off easy and will begin to get harder as each level goes while Shadow starts off difficult from the start and will have more of a technical moveset that applies to his unique gameplay which is very different. I advise to play as Sonic first and learn how the combat works and the enemies work to know how to play as Shadow better. With that said enjoy the video and there will definitely be more to come!

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So far the game has a story mode for Sonic but cutscenes will be added later or hopefully by time SAGE comes.
Shadow has two bosses and Sonic has two bosses. Sonic will have an open world to run through but really limited to the area involved. Shadow will have an area for his base where he goes to the missions and back but some areas will have HUB areas but not all areas like the first two stages which do not. (July 25th, 2022)

The game has been continuously worked on to the final stage of production. There are only two more Areas that need to be worked on as well as the cutscenes. Bosses have been worked on as well as enemies as far as ways to attack and maneuver around and counter. Sonic has new things added as well as Shadow in terms of moveset options. In game story summary and move list have been added as well as power scaling. Side missions are currently being worked on and are of course optional but they will be good to better understand the story and obtain new moves or make attacks more powerful. Practice Areas for Sonic in each Hub Area is there to help practice against new enemies. Tutorial Stages for Sonic and Shadow have been added to help learn how to play this new Combat System better and how certain moves are intended to be used throughout the game. Item Stars have been developed to give you the option to buy shields through the stages to help beginners. Three different Save States are given to let other people play on the same Game now and it autosaves as before. Shadow has a moveset shop that has been put in the game to buy new techs to add to your style. The New Updated Demo will not have anything further than the previous demo but the new things along those areas will be of course added. (April 20th, 2023)

Look forward to more Updates!


I have a ton of feedback but I'll just give the basics, otherwise I'll be typing until SAGE 22 ends.
Controller support is always good, but you need to let the player know what each button does before mapping it. "A, B, C" mean nothing. Controllers also don't work in the menus.
Full screen stretches the game to fit the monitor.
Sonic's jump is REALLY low.
You should be able to change the controls from the main menu, it's good that you can change the control bindings at all but having to track down Omochao at Tails' workshop is cumbersome.

Keep at it man, a Sonic game with a combat system that actually feels good is something I've been wanting for a while.

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