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General Information

Sonic Skyline [working title] is a classic-styled Sonic fangame that takes place in a dystopian city - set in an alternate timeline from the canon series. The locations and overall tone will take inspiration from cyberpunk media.

The current demo for SAGE 2020 is simply three acts long with the standard Sonic gameplay. My future plans are stated below, but if you don't care and just want to jump into the demo, feel free to disregard the rest of this boring description and give it a download. =)

Some Technical Stuff
If you have any issues running this game, please report the bug in the comments. Thanks!
  • System Requirements: A Direct3D 9 capable Windows computer
  • This game should not require admin privileges
  • This game's framework uses a controller extension that detects Windows plug and play controllers when the app starts (tested with Xbox Controller). If your controller doesn't work, you can report what controller you're using and use the keyboard for this demo. Buttons can not be mapped in-game (yet).
Planned Features
The current demo for SAGE 2020 is simply three acts long with the standard Sonic gameplay - or rather, one act from three different zones. But I have plans to expand the concept further in future releases.
  • Missions: such as ring/time attacks, rescuing the chao, etc. (don't worry, it will be optional)
  • Overworld Map
  • Upgrades and Unlockables
  • More intricate enemies and bosses that encourage those upgrades
  • Side Games
  • A Story/Cutscenes
Challenges of Development
Before I add any of these features though, I want to make sure I'm going in the right direction with the core game feel and art style. Hence the point of this demo - this will help me determine if I should expand the project further. I can say the most challenging part has been finding a visual style for this game, especially when I want to add many variations of the "city" tileset, in one game, and it's totally possible that my ideas could change a lot or I scrap them.

This game is still very early in development with a lot of placeholders, and a lot is subject to change, but feedback of any kind is still appreciated regardless. If you leave a review, critique as you want!

If you read this whole description, you are a super player. =)
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This isn't bad. There are some very obvious placeholder graphics that are badly resized and so on, but on the whole I think you're succeeding at creating environments that look and feel different despite all being cities. Sonic Generations is another game with at least three different city levels, and you might take a look at that and see how it works to distinguish them, not just with visuals but also in terms of gameplay. Does one of your zones have room for a helicopter that carries you around? Construction equipment to interact with? Windows to break? Buildings to go inside? You're clearly already thinking along these lines with the steam pipes and the doors and such, and I think that's really going to be the key to fill your game with cities and yet not have them feel too repetitive. So far, though, the overall atmospheres are solid, especially the neon lights of the second zone. Maybe try having at least one zone that's set in the daytime, though.
Thanks a lot. All very good feedback and is re-assuring on what I need to work on. Refining the graphics and adding more zone-unique interactivity is definitely on my list already. I've started to consider the zone order and how to integrate different motifs and times of day (possibly a sewer level and seaside level). Expect a lot of the game to be 'nighttime' or 'sunset' though.

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