SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Robo Blast!: Knothole Coast Demo


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"It’s a Robo Blast from the past!" It’s time for a brand new version of Sonic Robo Blast! The classic fan game last updated back in 1998, modernized with love and care on the Core Plus Framework! Take control of Sonic, Tails*, Knuckles* and a special guest, as you venture through the evil scientist Doctor Eggman’s brand new base of operation: Robotropic! And put a stop to his plan to snatch all the rings on the planet!

Play through the first two acts of our first playable stage: Knothole Coast Zone, and find out what the mad genius is up to on this isolated island!

*Tails and Knuckles are currently unavailable in this demo, sorry for the inconvenience!


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so far an amazing recreation of the game. keep up the amazing work!
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This game is so cool!
the original creator of sonic robo blast 2 and sonic robo blast will be REALLY happy with that!
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this game is AMAZING. I had so much fun playing so far. The level design is new and fresh and the animations are so cool. One thing I really loved about srb2 was the music and I can say that you have hit the nail on the head with that. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this game.


Did you reference Knuckles' Chaotix with the use of 'isolated island'? Also please someone do a comparison to the original Earless is king Right next to Classic
SNick did say on the SRB1 Preview on YouTube that it would be like a last game for the 32X so may be
The game plays really well and it looks and sounds so good! If you're a sonic fan and you love the classic sonic gameplay then you should give this a try!
Dude this is... Wow. I want to see a Sonic Mania mod with Knothole Coast, City Escape, Crisis City, and Star Light Zone. Maybe I'll make it. Also does this work on chromebook?
This has been an issue with most compiled Clickteam Fusion applications ever since a new update with the development software in which the application triggers a false positive to some antivirus softwares. I have been in multiple discussions with other CTF developers who are experiencing the same issues. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Ok, but does it actually give you a virus, or is it just a false alarm and there's not actually a virus?
I love this game, the art is beautiful, the soundtrack BLOWS me away and I hope that Sonic Team Jr. will help on this project.

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