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Sonic Quantum Collision

its pretty gud 👍
i LOVE the cutscenes, want more of that
sonic feels a little slippery smh, can be a bit scary when on edges or making tight platforming.
ah, platforming: got a few moments where i went "was i suppose to be fast and launch myself up here or is there another way"
one issue i had was the enemies, but this might just be me sucking at the game: sonic either bounces too high or too low, and it can be a bit tricky to bounce from badnik to badnik

special stages can be spammed apparently (was that supposed to happen). if you know all the locations, you can just endlessly play the special stages if you lose. "lost at this one? no worries, go to the other stage. lost that one too? the first one got reset, lets go there again". maybe its cause this game is still not finished, but i had fun abusing it

momentum can be picked back up pretty easily (and i found to be spindashing more than dropdash, unlike how i usually play it)
the rail grinding: it okay. you cant entirely land on it unless its at the start of the rail, which is a bit sad but its fine. got caught aback when running at high speeds and thought i clipped through it

that eggman sprite is lowkey nightmare fuel tho

Knuckles has a hat. 5 stars.
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I love the game and everything it entails but how can i use my wired switch controller with it as preesing k when I start the game doesn't work
The game is really amazing and all, but how do I connect a controller
where is the download button
go to "downloads" and click the zip file, it should download
i have played Sonic Quantum collision over so many years! are you sure?

true my dude,true.
knuckles tiene su sombrero xd
This game is amazing, the visuals, the gameplay, everything! (and knuckles has his hat and that's neat and I like it)
I like the artstyle of the game quite a bit! Lots of polish and interesting badniks are in this game. Only problem mainly is the level design, where I was stuck ~ 4 minutes in. Overall very strong start.
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Man, I have no words to express how this game is amazing I love so much things that it'll have write a big text of it.
1-The game art
1.1- Sprites
The sprites are simply outstanding, they are so life somehow that I can't explain very well, they are very animated I can really fell that I'm seeing Sonic in front of me, that I control him, its so amazing; The Sonic visual is unique he looks like a fusion of modern Sonic with the classic one and it give to him an familiar but totally new and increadible at the same time style just impressive, but no just Sonic's sprites are amazing all the characters sprites are amazing.
Dr Eggman sprite are preatty diferrent but totally new and give to him something mire realist but stel cartoonized (I loved it).
Tails and Knuckles sprite has same feeling as Sonic, fluid, live , cute but cool (I loved the Knuckes's hat reference, just amazing)
The enimies, ohh the enimies, they are simply amazing all of them are preatty unique and live and all their details about when ther are hitted and the flickies (I think "flickies" is right but I don't know) they fell out jumping and they are so different from each other that is just amazing
1.2-The stages
The stages have big visual impact, beacause they are preatty flashy, by having several things happening, and creatives differents, and uniques and if the other game scenarios continues like this it'll going to be so awasome.
2-Controls and gameplay
The controls and the gameplay are uniquies.
The controls work perfitly. The gameplay omg it's just like a Sonic game need to be, fast and controllable, I can go for whateaver I want eassly and its just amazing, and I loved all the Sonic's abilities.
3-The feeling
This game made me feel like a kid, its so magical, vast and it bring me an increadible adventure felling.
I feel free, fast, playing this game and now I'm in love with this game.
3- Finalization
This is the best Sonic 2D game that I ever played in my life and I think it have so much pottencial to be even better.
I'm very anxious to see how will be Tails and Knuckles gameplay, the game story and all the mechanicals that will come.
I think could be cool a costume system for the game.
(I'm not so good at english so sorry if you don't have understood very well)
Thank you for your review, our team really appreciates it!
It's definitely a great start. I love the overall mood of the game, and the small details in the sprite animations are really cool to see. I'll definitely be back to play this when the full game releases (or maybe sooner if you come out with a few more demo stages before the full release).
Please release the full game soon
how do you download it?
im new to this website
Knuckles has his hat.
Beat Blast
This was awesome to play and I hope more comes from it in the future also I need to know where to find Hat Knux
Unluckily, this demo only includes the first two Sonic acts, but don't worry! We are working hard to deliver the full game as soon as possible!
sanic da heg
sanic da heg
it was good at the worst and amazing at its best+ knuckles has da ova hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!