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Sonic Other World

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This is the SAGE 2020 demo for Sonic Other World, a fangame I've kept under the hood for a little while now.​

Included in the demo are 2 levels;
Jade Forest: A forest littered with ruins and luminous foliage. Functions as the tutorial of the game, teaching minimal basics of how to play.
Spiral Path (Act 1): A twist and turning landmass filled with green glowed decor. Act 1 is included in the demo, Act 2 is not yet complete.

To Note: While everything is in a playable state, for some reason the Go Back button on the screen after selecting a level is unusable. This issue stems from the button not being able to get a reference to the MenUplayerController or something. Not sure how to fix it.

Download Link:
(Extract ZIP and run exe to play. Uploaded to due to the ZIP being roughly 700MB.)
I hope you like this fangame! If you have any criticism for it, don't be afraid to let me know!




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It is at the moment the best fangame I have seen


Please disable the OpenVR plugin. Having it enabled causes SteamVR to launch alongside the game which is unnecessary considering this game isn't in VR. The Unreal Engine enables it by default for every project, so I don't blame you for not disabling it. Deleting the OpenVR plugin causes the game to crash, so it has to be done in the project.

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