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Game Maker Studio Sonic MAX

Pros: Smooth controlles, plays very well, response time is perfect, all in feels just like Sonic 1+2.
Cons: Normal bugs
Love this engine a lot, it help me so much with understanding coding and help create games smoothly. Thank you all. Wonderful team here.
Pros: still a great game for max engine
Cons: little bit buggy
I liked this fan game a lot because it makes you go through the first levels in sonic classic games.
Pros: Many good features. Works nice.
Cons: Very laggy when it's working with a browser. That's all I can also say.
Pros: Good controls. Cool features. Two Tails, Two Knuckles, Two Sonics.
Cons: A few minor bugs.
The game is smooth and when you play it feels like you are listening to a queen song while riding a dolphin gracefully flowing through the ocean waves. It has great gameplay and I definitely recommend it.

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Pros: Cutscene
Cons: I can't fix errors that apper when i open it like player handel spring can someone help me with this