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Sonic Liquid Survival (Demo 2)

Project Overview


Sonic faced many dangers before, but now, he will have to face a new one... hunger. In this 3D, Adventure-like game, Sonic will be stranded on a deserted island and it's up to him to build a settlement and find other castaways, who were prisoners on Egg Carrier before it crashed. And most important, survive. However, the island has keys to many mysteries, including origins of the original Phantom Ruby...

Sonic Liquid Survival is a 3D Sonic fangame combining classic physics-based platforming with freedom of 3D movement from Adventure series and continue the ongoing storyline of the series in a new in brand new environments with fully animated 3D cutscenes.
It also features 11 playable characters, including customizable character from Sonic Forces.

Demo 3 is here:

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

= Demo 2 features: =
- 3 original stages, never seen in previous Sonic games,
- 3 intense boss fights,
- 11 playable characters, each with unique ability. You can unlock them by finding capsules hidden in each stage,
- Customizable character. The story of the Rookie from Sonic Forces continues!
- Fully animated 3D cutscenes,
- 6 original Special Stages based on exploration and physics,
- Story Mode where you can experience opening chapter of the story and Arcade Mode which remembers your best times,
- Boss Rush mode (unlocked after collecting 6 Chaos Emeralds)

= Default controls: =

Xbox 360 joypad:
Left stick: Move
A: Jump/Homing attack. Additionally air dash, double jump or Drop Dash, depending on character.
X: Spin dash or bounce. Some character might have different ability.
Y: Special ability. Depends on character.
RB: Roll
Right stick: Camera
Start: Pause

Arrows: Move
Z: Jump/Homing attack. Additionally air dash, double jump or Drop Dash, depending on character.
X: Spin dash or bounce. Some character might have different ability.
C: Special ability. Depends on character.
Ctrl: Roll
Mouse: Camera
Enter: Pause


Game by Gnidel
Sonic Liquid Survival development channel:
Polish let's play channel:

The game features assets ripped from many games and on Creative Commons license with allowed commercial use and original music by Young Wolf ( ). Therefore, it should be Youtube/Twitch friendly.
Full credits in the game.

Latest reviews

I've got a lot to say about this one, after sinking at least half an hour into it, so sit tight~
(Edit: 10/2/19 ---- And I also need to offer two other things to the dev of this project, and in reverse order, they are an apology and a fairer review. After seeing Garrulous64 go through the demo's three stages, I realized something that might have been critical for me to try before I called it and wrote my review: lower my game quality. Maybe I've just mentally oversold my current PC's gaming power, and by the by, that's not hard to do considering I upgraded from an HP 2000 Notebook to a genuine gaming rig, but for whatever reason, I didn't think to try lowering the quality below 'Normal Computer Room' and run it again. As such, I wrote a review that didn't reflect the entirety of the demo, unlike what I've done with most other SAGE titles this year, and as such unfairly judged the product. I pride myself in being a fair and understanding individual and essentially threw that in the toilet for no legitimate reason. I'm not above admitting my mistakes, and as such, I'll be editing what I have below to reflect that. My sincerest apologies.)

High points:
-The stage design feels very Sonic Worlds-ish open, to me, and I love that~ Nothing feels better than rolling down a slope and flinging yourself to who-cares-where~
-The additional characters do help in adding replay-value, especially considering the stages allow for in-depth exploration. They don't add too much, but it's enough to appreciate the work that went into this~

Tripping Points:
-Maybe the stages are a bit too open? Stage 3, especially, kind of gave me trouble due to how same-y areas looked and the level geometry kind of falls out-of-place with ring layouts often.
-Dat third boss. Wut? I mean, I'm fine with a forced loss, but she/zey feel a bit out-of-place. Maybe with more story details, that feeling'll be fixed~

Mixed Nuts:
-The Special Stage took me a bit to get used to, but it's an interesting idea~
It's like Knuckles' emerald hunting segments meets physics fun-toy as you search for the glowy areas that indicate where switches are. Though, honestly, I would prefer an additional radar system for when you're close and can't really see where the switch roughly is because it was pretty annoying trying to find the buggers amongst all the wireframe terrain.
-Also, point of amusement, the game doesn't initially play nicely with a PS4 controller, as I found out during the first stage, where my camera spun in nauseating circles and my pause button became R2. Had to remap pretty much every button to get it to work, but it worked marvelously after that~
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I wanted to report this big bug in stage 2. hard to explain Glitch Video link (it's unlisted)
Edit: ignore this, first time posting, dont know how to delete posts, and i actually forgot 2019 has passed.


Alright, I've been looking forward to this one. Really enjoyed it in 2018 and was anxious to see what you came up with. I can tell you've really been working hard. The levels have so many more textures and colors to them now. And wow, I did NOT expect animated cutscenes. I enjoyed the new level as well. I was worried with everything else updated, there wasn't going to be anything else new and when I saw "Empty engine" I just assumed it was a test level for the engine. I was not disappointed.

I think it's a great idea to unlock characters by finding them hidden in levels. It gives a lot of replay value. I'll definitively be replaying this. I love how wide open your levels are. You don't have to worry about falling off a cliff or running along a thin bridge or anything. That's great cause honestly, Sonic's a bit hard to control at times.

Also I had a little trouble with the light dash. Can I only use it so many times? I'm supposed to use Y, right? I could only get it to work about 3 times and it never worked again.

Either way, really nice improvements and additions. I await further demos of this game
Thank you for such warm comment. When I saw this, I thought "worth it". Thanks!

Light dash can only be used by Sonic with electric shield or Metal Sonic. You probably lost that shield after those 3 times.
Thank you for such warm comment. When I saw this, I thought "worth it". Thanks!

Light dash can only be used by Sonic with electric shield or Metal Sonic. You probably lost that shield after those 3 times.
aahh okay that makes sense then, thanks.
This is by far the wackiest fangame this year. I could legit see my high school self making something like this had I had the 3D knowledge. I really liked the music and the original stage concepts. This goes beyond the typical stereotype level themes and goes for some more original ideas. I really like the concept for Bright Brook, the polluted marsh. The custom character thing being back from Forces is a great addition as well!

The level design, however, oh boy... it's something. There's no memorable set pieces, as it's all random geometry that just goes on and on. Most of the textures in the game are random repeating patterns with UV's completely messed up. I sure hope they're actually going to be decorated to look at least slightly appealing to look at. I'd rather have a short level that's structured and pleasing to look at than long winded 3D modeling experiments. I really like the shaders done for the characters. The environment should look as good as the characters do. Because of the large amount green fire particles in Bright Brook, the frame rate chugged quite a bit. I also accidentally fell into a pit on Empty Engine's weird boss fight... and won.

I like where this one is going, but there needs to be some serious refurbishing.
I really like this game but there's a problem in Stage 2. Because of this problem I can't complete the second stage. After the beginning my graphics get weird. I cant describe it so there's a Screenshot attached. I think it's a problem with my graphics card but i'm not sure. If someone could help me i would really appreciate it.
2019-12-08 19_49_25-Sonic Liquid Survival.png
Answer: I had that issue, too. I'm planning on bringing it up during a future SAGE After video I'm doing, but the valid fix is to lower your quality. It's weird, I know, but for whatever reason, playing the game on the 'medium' setting causes the green fog effect in that area to glitch out. Play on 'Amy's Eyesight' and it works fine~
Congratulations on being, to my knowledge, the first to add new characters snf new abilities to the Bumper Engine, a feat which, according to people more knowledgeable than myself, is not easy. Amy's overhaul and the character creator particularly impress me.

That said, I don't think that should have been as high a priority until you got more of the basics down on both a design and coding front. I'm not here to put myself on a high horse over you; in fact I myself am a relative newcomer to Unity who has played around with the Bumper Engine, so I can relate a lot. Still, constructive criticism is warranted.

The levels are huge, which could be a great thing, and unlocking characters in them is a neat reward for exploring. However, the levels are also overall too barren to be consistently enjoyable. Curvy terrain is a key ingredient in many Sonic levels as it lets you play with the physics, but so are a lot of "toys". Ropes to swing on, rails to grind on, seesaws to stand and bounce on, things to switch gravity, more enemies, tougher enemies, smarter enemies, stealthier enemies, barrels of doom, etc. Again, I'm not pretending I'm any better right now, but it seems like you're relying mostly on those assets that come with Bumper and not much else. Some other things, obviously, but not enough other things to make it fun enough.

If you aren't at the proficiency to do much more code-wise, I honestly would recommend narrower levels with more refined jump challenges as the best way to work with what you have. Pits get a bad rap in Sonic games, and it's rather deserved in the 2D ones, but in 3D I think they can be done well. Also, some landmarks would do nicely to help with navigation; maybe also some ways of advising players which way is "forward". When you get better at coding, in addition to those bits I mentioned above, I recommend you implement some resource-gathering to go along with the plot of your game.

On the subject of coding, as regards the characters and their unique abilities, it seems like you're playing around with changing various things and publishing the results, when a better--though admittedly harder--approach is to plan what you want the characters to do and work on making it work how it "should". I'll comment on issues with the characters I specifically think have issues.

Classic Sonic: His drop dash should be nerfed given the size of drops you have in this game, preferably by putting a cap on how much speed it can gain him, even if he falls further. While it can be a lot of fun just how fast you can get him going, it just isn't convenient for this game and is about equally likely to throw him towards the goal or into a pit. I also noticed a few spots where he got stuck bouncing straight up on a spring, as he has no air dash. Also I'm not sure his elemental shield jumps work.

Amy: Similarly, since her midair jump move gains her extra altitude instead of moving her horizontally, she'll get stuck in these moments.

Silver: Even more in need of a nerf. I'm really not sure why he has a boost, of all characters, and that the boost also gains him altitude makes him way overpowered, except not in a way that's really useful to this game's objectives. I think he should play more like he did in Sonic 2006, less buggy of course but I don't think Silver has to be as fast as Sonic.

Mighty: Why he has two pound moves, one that bounces and one that doesn't, confuses me a bit, as it seems there isn't any benefit to not bouncing. Also if it's meant as a heavy attack it isn't really an interesting ability without tougher enemies.

Shadow: Not sure how what his ability really does.

Blaze: Decent, but should have her hover from Sonic Rush.

Espio: The grapple is a cool ability but not really useful without stage features specifically meant to use it. Might benefit from a shuriken, too, if you add more enemies.

Zero: I couldn't find any place where parkour made a perceivable difference, as wall running seems a bit overpowered in this game in general.

Metal Sonic: Works well enough, but why is he the only character who has a light dash? Also I think the light dash should be faster.

FanCharacter: Beyond just more parts, maybe add custom abilities as you get better at coding.

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