Sonic Limitless (SAGE 2018 Tech Demo)

Overall, this is very good. The game runs at 60 fps without any slowdowns or framerate drops, the physics are very well recreated and the gameplay itself took everything good from both Rush and Modern games for a proper recreation of the 2D sections' gameplay from the Modern Sonic games.

But there are a few things that need to be fixed.
First, we need a target to appear on enemies when they're locked because we never know if we can use the homing attack or not and it ends up being confusing.
Also, the homing attack seem to lock enemies from a little too far, but that's probably just me.
Finally, sometimes we can't boost when Sonic is launched into the air. It feels kind of weird.

If there are things on which you could improve :
I don't think that the Generations HUD is the best one
Sonic Advance sprites are overused

Now I know that not everyone is a pixel artist, but if you can ask someone to make new sprites, it'd be a lot better because it'd give your fan game an actual identity.