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Sonic J is a Sonic The Hedgehog based Work-In-Progress fan-made game made by jean_tha_n00b (me) and has the purpose of being an unofficial sequel to the classic game, Sonic & Knuckles.

It currently consists of two playable levels which are both acts of Jex Island, with two playable characters:

Sonic the Hedgehog,

and Miles "Tails" Prower.

The game also contains unlockable secrets and GameJolt achievements! Can you find them all?

Instructions, controls, and more info are in the .txt file.

Please do NOT request any abilities/levels/features/characters/or whatsoever for the game. I already have all of my plans ready, I do not need that much help and focusing on the requests will only delay the game.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by SEGA. I do not own the franchise as I am not affiliated with SEGA and Sonic Team. This is a non-profit fan game and it should not be sold. No copyright infringement is intended by any means.

By the way, if you ever happen to try the game, why not rate it and comment about what you think about it? It would be greatly appreciated :emoji_smile:

Latest version:

GameJolt Link:
The Android version can be downloaded over there, and previews and screenshots can be viewed there too.​


This is a HUGE update! Here's a list of every changes made since the SAGE 2019 demo.

- Fixed many minor and major bugs/glitches
- Improved the physics a lot (nerfed speeds, smoother movement, etc.)
- Added a new "Before playing!" screen at the start of the game because people keep reuploading it everywhere
- Changed the "Warning" screen into a different "Disclaimer" screen
- Added Story mode
- Added Green Hill as the new tutorial level (STORY MODE ONLY)
- Added a "Thanks for playing" screen at the end of the Story Mode demo
- Added Special Stages (only three are finished so far)
- Added Super Tails
- Added lives system
- Improved camera (y and x margins being classic-accurate)
- Improved ring loss (rings are being tossed like the classics, and extra rings will fly away like in Sonic Mania)
- Added a secondary action key (for more mechanics)
- Made a separate super form key (to transform and to turn to normal)
- Added flight cancel for Tails
- Added roll cancel for Sonic and Tails
- Removed controller vibration for the PC version
- Remastered the in-game HUD
- Added extras menu
- Added options menu
- Remade the main menu icons
- Secrets added! Try to unlock them all!
- Added GameJolt API (with unlockable trophies and highscores!) (PC ONLY)
- Added Saving/loading system for Story mode
- Pause menu added
- Added a progress bar in the multiplayer mode (which is still PC only) and in the special stages (which is for all platforms)
- Changed the level select menu
- Made Act 2 of Jex Island
- Replaced some sound effects
- Made all music stereo for better quality
- Updated Title Screen background
- Renamed Miles to Tails (due to lots of requests)
- Made super forms use Shaders (you can turn them off in the options if they don't work properly in your device)
- Updated the Super Forms' big sparkle effect
- Slightly changed some of Super Sonic's sprites
- Changed the splash screen
- Made a small change in the level title cards
- Changed the speed shoes music and made it last longer
- Updated the ring sparkle effect
- Remade the virtual keys for the Android version
- Added optional Super form music (Glimmering Gift from Sonic Mania)
- Made the game compatible with Android 9 and 10, thanks to the target/compile SDK being now 29.
- Added water physics
- Removed the ability to resize the game window due to the game being powered by an older version of GameMaker Studio 1.4. You can still ajust the resolution in the settings (PC ONLY)
- Removed debug keys for this version (PC ONLY)

v0.2.5.1 Changelog:
- Bug and glitch fixes
- Made some slight tweaks to levels
- Changed the spikes sprite into Sonic 3's
- Added the 4th special stage (4th emerald now needed to unlock secrets and turn super)
- Added a new SAGE 2020 splash screen
- Removed confirmation messages (which means the actions will be performed instantly)
- Super Forms are now Story Mode only



Sprites are made by SEGA and/or Sonic Team. Here are people who ripped them and also made custom sprites.

Facundo gomez, Frario, Hivebrain, Techokami, Triangly, Dolphman, Divine Incest, Random Talking Bush, and myself for some sprite rips.
Menu assets: B0M
Most of the sprites used in the game are also edited/made by me!


-B0M (Without him, Sonic J wouldn't have been what it is today!)
-Kubase123 (My first real friend I met on the internet who has supported the game!)
-Rayuko (For contributing to the project!)
-All of my friends who contributed and supported me
-SEGA for being supportive to the fan game community and let it grow
-And YOU for playing! (well if you did.)

- The folks at the J & H Discord being supportive and helping me get this far
- HugoLepe (Creator of Sonic H)


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