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Sonic J is a Sonic The Hedgehog based Work-In-Progress fan made game made by jean_tha_n00b (me), and has purpose of being an unofficial sequel to the classic game, Sonic & Knuckles.

The game contains two main characters:
Sonic the Hedgehog,

and Miles "Tails" Prower.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by SEGA. I do not own the franchise as I am not affiliated with SEGA and Sonic Team. This is a non-profit fan game and it should not be sold. No copyright infringement is intended by any means.
Zone List (Available for now):

  • Jex Island Act 1
  • Tutorial
As you can see this demo is very small as it features only two levels and characters. But as updates still go, new content will arrive very soon.
Original Download Link:
The Android version can be downloaded over there, and previews and screenshots can be viewed there too.

Bonus Content Changelog:
- New Title Screen (wip)
- Smoother air acceleration
- A few minor big fixes
- Jex Island's ocean in the background has now 3D parallax (Credits to Damizean)
That's not really much for a small patch. Intended for SAGE 2019 (Sonic Amateur Games Expo)

0.2.4 Changelog:
- HUGE Performance boost on the levels ; they now are a LOT less laggy.
- Jex Island received a HUGE visual overhaul.
- Tails now has his own falling sprite like Sonic.
- Fixed air acceleration
- Fixed the glitch where the character rarely falls off outer curves
- Further improved physics
- Smoother camera
- The addition of Star Posts (Checkpoints)
- Small minor bug fixes
- The addition of the Discord Rich Presence
- Fixed the timer glitch where it still goes on for 1 frame when the milliseconds reach 100
- The addition of debug controls


Sprites are made by SEGA and/or Sonic Team. Here are people who ripped them and also made custom sprites.

HiveBrain, Mister Man, Julio the Armadillo, CrazyAlec, SupaChao, Scott Prower, MrMaclicious, Espio Rain, Kitsune Fusion, Sparks, facundo gomez, Rad the Hedgehog, sonicguru, Chaofanatic, Hybrid, Gold Sonic, Rob Fox, 1001, Flare, Akuma the Hedgehog (AkumaTh), B0M, Rayuko.

Most sprites are made/edited by me!


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