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This is the second demo of the Infinity Engine expansion, Infinity+ by Team Lead: TheFizzWizz, Programmers: Vivianite, Hes and 31Emanual, and Graphics Designer: xKindredKinesis!

This framework expands upon, improves and fixes issues related to the original frame work, Sonic Infinity Engine. Please keep in mind that the Infinity+ Project's development and Team are not affiliated with the original author of the Infinity Engine (Oban) in anyway.

Infinity+ will be a framework made in Unreal Engine 4 that will allow users to create their own fangame with most of the heavy lifting already done for them. A great way for people to experiment with things such as level, gameplay and character designs, learning how to use an engine, as well as allowing them to express their creativity all from an entry level framework!


This build is still a WIP. It has been updated since submission and is much more playable than the original submission. We're aware of a majority of the bugs in this demo and are working to fix them (unfortunately, we're not going to be able to update this version until after SAGE).

Unfortunately due to time constraints, many features of this demo have not been properly tested with controller and while playing with a controller might be functional, it may be buggy and not ideal. Currently the best way to play this demo is using Key Board and Mouse. We do apologize and are working on these issues! (Also, you can press left or right after selecting a character to change their moveset before confirming the character selection!)


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Infinity+ Discord Server:

Infinity+ Twitter Page:

TheFizzWizz's Twitch:
Infinity+ Team Members:

Team Lead: TheFizzWizz

Programmers: Vivianite114, Hes and 31Emanual

Graphics Designer: xKindredKinesis
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