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Sonic Grand Tour Fan Game Demo 1

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this camera is so unbelievably frustrating I wish I could turn off automatic airborne camera movement, camera lookdown when falling. if there's an option to toggle all this of in settings let me know. also invincible egg boss would be way cooler if you could actually run up the wall instead of doing a wall jump slide. but that could be another boss where you fight in a dome so this isnt much of an issue it just felt a bit missed. Why does sonic hate shadow? Sonic is quite out of character in a lot of these cutscenes. anyways level design is so awesome and you know sonic's voice actor is a bit less annoying than roger so it's a win. the game would be a perfect experience without these issues
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Sonic GT is a very replayable game, first and foremost. I think I can say that easier than anything else because I hold a skipless verified record at the time of posting this. But I think along the way some issues in handling the game and such have disappeared, which were a little bad as a newcomer. Getting probably my largest issue out of the way first, the individual routes once you get on them feel very claustrophobic. Of course you can get off them at any time and go to another, likely wider route but to stay on you need a better handle on Sonic than you'd expect. Sonic's control plays into this too, as getting him to turn exactly as you want at any given moment isn't as easy as it could be.
Buuuuut the mechanics and level design are incredibly well-put-together otherwise, and I'm looking forward to future content from this game as it gets further polished and expanded.
I honestly don't participate much in trying many of the fangames, many are just not that good if we're being honest. But Sonic Grand Tour, or Sonic GT, surprised me. The setup is having you take control of Sonic (duh), in probably one of the biggest open-ended level I've seen in a fangame. It's like Sonic Adventures' level design, times a thousand and its truly breathtaking. But I had some issues, first one is Sonic doesn't control quite well, sure it might be the Bumper Engine's fault, but Sonic's overall control doesn't feel right in this kind of setup. One last thing, and people might not like this, is the level design itself. Again, the amount of things you can do is amazing, but I feel it's a little too much. One issue is the length of the level, even on speedruns, it kinda overstayed its welcome. And the multi pathways really didn't add much & felt part of the main path, rather than bratching from it to creating a new journey all together.


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Darn! we're not going to make it. Let's speed up! (really hard, but possible)

The best optimization from all Bumper Engine games. I played at 640 x 400 and I had stable 60fps. In other games with that resolution at lowest settings I had 5-30.

Disabling Ambient Collusion give 200% boosted frame rate. (in-game options)

- Sonic's eyes are a bit glitchy, while waiting animation,
- No mouselock toggle (or I can't find that).
- Boostpads can't lauch you, like in Forces or any other Sonic game. They actually only speed up like in real life,
- Interactive wicket.

Thanks for reading
Definitely some neat level design. The speed feels good and finding alternate routes is cool. Almost like it could be a modern take on Sonic R if it were tweaked a little, especially with that Tails race, though that's pretty difficult unless you know the right route.
While I do love how this game is built, I can't quite enjoy it for 2 reasons :(

A) My PS4 controller, no matter how many times I try to reconfigure the lay out, the buttons won't perform how I set them (basically Square is jump, X is spindash, R2 is pause ect ect) Also while trying to reconfigure the layouts of the controller my game glitches back one page and freezes visually. I can hear my moving around to other options but the screen's frozen.

B) When I hopped into the actual game my camera spun down and left. No matter what I did (unplugged controller and restarted, set controls back to default, deleted and re-openned a fresh Zip) it always did this.

Help please D:

Discord: KajiMorriseyFitzpatrick#2221
IDK why but I keep getting a camera glitch where it just rotates around the character and floats down to the ground. I can move the camera with my mouse but not with a controller.
Hey.... You copied the Sonic GT logo! (aka the game with the exact same logo and the same physics!)

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