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Sonic Encore is a fan-game that re-imagines the some of the classic levels from Sonic 2D era into a more modern 3D environmental setting. Not only taking visual cues from the classics, It is the an intended design goal that the playstyle of the game also feels reminiscent of the the classic games as well. which should provide a unique experience to other 3D sonic games.

The completed game should consist of 10 levels, across 5 zones each with a boss fight. As there is not story and its more of a Greatest hits collection of stages, it may be taken beyond this in the future.

Get Current Demo here : Sonic Encore Demo 2 Download
Note: Due to the high quality visuals, performance may suffer on lower end PCs.

As this is still a WIP project there are a few things that seem to be affecting some

The build has been revised,
Fixed issue with controller input settings resetting start of each zone and causing the player to only move left and right

KNOWN ISSUES: below are some work around while i find more permanent solutions
*Apparently for a couple of users Knuckles refuses to walk and insists on skating.
With Ice Cap zone still going though development. any feedback on those levels will be greatly appreciated.

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This game has a lot of potential, but the main things holding it back are the controls. The level design itself is great, but I think it suits better for a more Adventure style control scheme rather than the wide turns of the boost style of games. The music is also a bit too quiet, and sometimes the ring sounds don't play at all. Overall though, I still had fun.
This game is amazing the graphics are good, the gameplay is flawless. Its just that the audio in angel island act 1 is really light even when I crank the volume to 100 and the framerate is off and the pause screen buttons don't work right. But like the disclaimer says this is a fan game so I get it if its has a few bugs but please fix it creator.
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thanks I'm planning to streamline and overhaul the menu system as well as address as much as i can before the next release.
Sonic Guy
Sonic Guy
Thanks, just know I mean no offence in this comment
none taken, feedback has been surprisingly sparse so ill take whatever i can get good or ill
This fan game... has some potential. But it needs some improvement. The visuals are impressive (except for the fact that Sonic's mouth shows on both sides of his face at the same time), and the levels feel open while staying reasonably linear, but the game part of ability physics. First, I noticed in the demo from earlier this summer that the characters get stuck at really slow speeds while on a part of the level that doesn't have any opportunities gain momentum. This problem was fixed partially by increasing the characters' base speeds, but when I land on an upward slope I still stay going really slow until I go to a more level or downhill slope. Also, for some reason Sonic's Spin-Dash is nerfed from the last demo and is now so underpowered it's not even worth using. However, the other character's Spin-Dashes are perfectly fine. I understand if this is to balance the characters, but it makes Sonic pathetic in comparison to the other characters, even though he's supposed to be the "fastest thing alive." Additionally, the Air Dash kills all of your momentum. I understand making there be a balance to when you should use the Air Dash, but this Air Dash throws that out the window. Homing Attack has a similar problem. And I know this isn't supposed to be another Sonic GT, but the Homing Attack killing all of your momentum in a momentum-based game makes you feel really pathetic every time you use it. These last three critiques all have the same problem: They make you want to avoid using what should be a valuable part of your moveset at all costs. However, I really have hope for the future of this fan game, I just really think there's some necessary improvement. Anyway, this is a long review, but I hope it helps. If you're reading this LordGimpet, I know I am by no means a good programmer, but I've given you my input to show some ways you could improve the game as you develop further. I really appreciate how you've taken on the immense task of trying to make a good 3D Sonic Fan Game and getting this far. I've been writing this for long enough. See ya! Stay Way Past Cool!

Edit: I forgot to mention, another bug I've noticed, when I first started playing, Sonic would only move side-to-side. I had to rebind his moving forward and back axis to the same thing as it was already set to to get the problem to go away. Just another glitch to be aware of. Also, Sonic often loses all forward momentum when he falls off a cliff.
Another Edit: The music is so BOSS. Best Angel Island remix EVER!!!!!
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estoy de acuerdo


I love it! I think you did an amazing job! For the future I would give the characters some other unique abilities because as of now a lot of them (other than knuckles) feel kinda similar. Maybe Shadow could have a teleport days move or something and Blaze could have a double jump/hover. I love it and I think it has potential to be even better!

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