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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Emerald Madness


Dr. Eggman is plotting to rule the world once again. This time, he shattered the chaos emeralds and dispersed the fragments across the world. Sonic must put the emeralds back together and thwart the doctor's schemes once again.



WASD - Movement
J - Boost
K - Jump / Air Dash
L - Roll / Spin Dash

Let me know if there are any bugs I need to fix in the comments​

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While I was playing only the first mission of the stage, I can already tell right now that this game needs polish. Sonic is hard to jump, feels like he's teleporting before jumping, don't know how to explain. I can kinda see what gameplay this game tries to achieve, but for now, I see that it's far from completion.

Edit: I've noticed this version is now updated with the refined controls and I like it more, so I've set a higher rating because I really want this kind of gameplay to go further in development.
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You know what, despite being stiff and severely wanting for polish, I actually had fun with this. I enjoyed searching for and trying to figure out how to get the emerald shards. There's actually some clever placement and challenge. The animations are very basic. But, I like how Sonic leans into his turns. I also appreciate that you made your own model, even if he looks a little goofy. The boost is also nice. It feels more like the original-original boost from the E3 demo of Sonic Rush where you could use it whenever you wanted.

Yeah, what can I say. I liked it. Keep working on this. 🤙

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Thanks for the positive feedback!
The core design idea of this game is interesting. I really like the idea of having slower adventure style gameplay in a more sandbox setting. Sort of like a smaller scale mario 64 style game as opposed to what frontiers is trying to do with it's grandiose map size. THAT BEING SAID the current build of this game has some major problems

Jumping is messed up and randomly doesn't work. Sonic is too stiff when turning and his initial acceleration is INCREDIBLY slow. Homing attacks are finnicky and because of the Jump glitch also don't work. If you fixed the control problems I think this game would be considerably improved but then the next problem would be the level design. It's extremely linear even for boost games. If the game is designed as this mario 64 adventurey sandbox game, wouldn't it make more sense for the level design to be more akin to a hub world? You should be able to set out in any direction and explore the entire zone starting from any starting point, and when collecting a shard you should remain in the stage. I know completely redoing the tutorial level would be a huge undertaking, but could you try to upload an updated build with improved controls before SAGE ends? I'd appreciate that a lot.
Wow... Thanks for the feedback though.
I'm actually already working on new controls and UI, not sure if Ill get it done before SAGE ends but Ill try.

Yeah, the level design might be a bit too linear, but its not exactly supposed to be sandbox level open.
By the way collecting a shard only takes you back to the hub world if you select it from the shard selection screen but you would have no idea which ones you collected until you go back to the selection screen(I'm working on that).
Alright, the new build is posted.


I'm not sure if it's my controller or the game itself, but there seems to be a glaring problem with input lag. Most notably the jump button. I wanted to keep playing more but this was really off-putting. Sorry :(

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