Sonic Classic 2 + Source Code

title screen was too hard to beat, wouldn't recommend (im serious why cant i press start)
The game at first wasn't all that bad, though my biggest complaint is that the special stages are just like sonic 1's, except they're not enjoyable at all (due to how bad the physics are). Sometimes Sonic would clip out of them, honestly the previous idea you had for the special stages was better, hope you do something about this.

That and, why were Karl's musics replaced? I know this may sound stupid but these sounded better than sonic 3 remixes tbh
let's not forget that the bonus stages and the credits have no music for some reason
It would be cool to at least include an option to switch back to the old OST if that's possible.

All in all, this game feels... Unfinished, so yeah, 3 stars.

Edit: Some bugs i found were:
-The super animation would play even if i don't transform
-I don't remember why but I appeared outside of a special stage once somehow
-Sometimes shields won't work, like if I try and get the fire shield, there's a chance it won't appear
-Super Sonic's jump ability doesn't work at times
-When becoming super with tails, there's a chance his sprite is replaced with Sonic in Tails' costume
-Challenges don't give points, at least from what I have tried
-The moving blocks on Space Chase are kind of weird, cause you have to move to make them work for some reason, I think
-Shields' sprites often don't show
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i have the 7 chaos emralds, can i turn super or is it just like sonic 1
I made an account just to make this review.

I really, really enjoy a lot about this game. The mechanics are solid, the stage design is also, for the most part, pretty good, and the bosses are also mostly good. I don't like the inclusion of Sonic 1 special stages, it doesn't help that somehow they're even more jank than in Sonic 1, and the Murky Mines and Talus Tempest bosses are just awful, frankly. Murky Mines I was constantly getting knocked off the edge of the fight, and Talus Tempest just doesn't have enough going for it. It's just a worse version of the Hyrdocity boss fight. The Bonus Stages also aren't designed very well IMO, especially the slot machine one.

But this game is killed by it's technical issues.
Whether it be standing on springs, clipping into walls, poor crushing detection, the multitude of issues that come from the Special Stages (Such as clipping out of bounds, spawning out of bounds, or failing as soon as you start the stage), or being unable to complete a level because you paused at the wrong time, this game is filled to the brim with technical issues that make it hard to enjoy.

To reiterate, I still think the mechanics are solid. I think the new shields are great, I think the shield combo system is great, I think most stages are designed well, I think the game looks incredible, the extras are all very nice, but this game is held together with duct tape and paper clips and that's its biggest problem.

Please, whenever you can, Fix these bugs and issues. They plague what I think is a fundamentally solid Sonic game.
i loved the game....well i downloaded it but if i try pressing enter it just dont works at all but i saw gameplay on youtube and it looks awesome however i would like if u could fix the problem since i cant seem to enter
edit: nevermind had problems with my controller always plugged on even if i didnt plugged it
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I'm having an issue with my game, for some reason after the sega screen the game closes, can i get some help?
Since I played the first Sonic Classic game, and have after seeing clips of Sonic Classic 2 years ago, I have been really eager to play this game upon release.

(This is based off the latest release from the Google Drive link on the description.)

Overall the game is a big improvement upon its predecessor.

-Really nice visuals
-Good level layouts
-Great music.
-Unique Zones
-Superb and inventive bosses

In particular I did like the option of having 3 different soundtracks to choose from, Soundtrack A being my favourite.
The zones themselves do feel unique with some inspired assets from official sonic games, but overall they are very enjoyable to speed through.

As there are good things to say about this game, there are also things that need to be improved on.

Cons / minor bugs
-Trying to make Tails fly Sonic to places feels buggy as it seems to only work when it wants to.
-The physics in the special stages are a bit "wonky". Sometimes it won't let me go in the direction I want to go. The stage rotates too fast to handle. Can't cling to the borders or objects of the stages as the characters "slide" even when several diagonally placed objects are placed, resulting to be unable to have that split second to readjust yourself and get your bearings.
-On all 3 of the soundtracks, certain tracks don't play. Soundtrack A: no Special Stage results music. Soundtrack C and Power Team edition: No Special stage or SS results music. There may be more that I haven't discovered yet.

A few game breaking bugs:

-I play on a laptop, and if I want to hook it up to my tv for a bigger screen, not only does all my settings get automatically changed (including music choice), my save gets completely wiped, however still shows the emeralds collected, but I still have start again a new file from scratch. (As shown in picture.)
-Anytime I fail a SS, there is a 50% chance that when I can get back into another SS, as soon as the SS starts it kicks me out as if I failed the stage making it impossible to collect all the emeralds.

I would've given a higher rating if it weren't for the game breaking bugs, really hindering the enjoyment of the game.

Looking forward to seeing the improvements made for the next update! 😀


I have been playing the first part for 10 years and I am very happy that it finally has a sequel.
Not long ago I finished it and it seems very well done, however sometimes I notice a bug that does not want to jump and unexpected closings.
Anyway, a great sequel.
The game, is amazing! I loved it a lot throughout the whole thing, did all chaos emeralds with Sonic and Tails together. The game has some issues though. Such as the many bugs within the game, for example every time I went super sonic would be blue. Another bug was in Space Chase zone act 1 where after leaving a bonus stage I got softlocked and even restarting didn't help. I had to restart the exe and redo some of the level. Other than that I noticed no bonus stage music too. Overall I had a great time with the music, level design (except Murky Maze), and sprite work. It was a great game but a hotfix/patch to fix some of the issues would be awesome!
I just finished the entire game and got all emeralds. Honestly, I'd say this is leagues better quality than the first game, and that one was already really good. Shield switching (and recovery?) is an excellent feature I've never seen in a Sonic game before. Level design is incredibly fun (except Murky Mines, but that's more a nitpick about its boss). The bosses are really inventive and interactive. The art and sprite work is amazing. Tying the Drop Dash to Sonic's momentum is genius and works really well. The shields are unique and cool to use, especially the electromagnet(?) One thing I'd like to see is a Super Sonic cancel and the ability to curl into a ball while in the air.

With some bug fixes and tweaks to certain features, this will go down in history as the best classic Sonic game I've ever played by a long shot. Especially if they end up putting in the levels from the first Sonic Classic, because I enjoyed those a lot as well. And I'll enjoy them even more with the given improvements of this sequel. I know game development takes a while. But my gosh I hope this gets finished. It's incredible. Highlight of SAGE 2021 for me.
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I got a question: If I keep the save game I did so far, will the game work if I add it in a fixed (hotfix) version of the game?
No idea, I'm not one to mess with files. You could probably ask the devs though. I've been playing the Day 1 version.