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Sonic and the Dreamcatcher

General Information

Goal is simple... collect all the blue balls and find the chaos emerald!

Arrow Keys = Rotate stage
A = Spawn a Knuckles
S = Enable a thunder shield
D = Turn "Goal" blocks into bumpers (so no death?)

Debug Controls
P = Pause
Space = Hide UI (hold while paused)
O = Take screenshot (while paused)
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Latest reviews

finally someone who remade the special phases of sonic 1
pretty nice


The first stage was fun. I liked the cute puzzle section where you combine Tails with the tornado to progress. Rotating through the loop at the beginning didn't feel too great, and I feel like the time limits at the end of the stages may have been a bit too forgiving. Maybe a secondary objective while you make your way back to the start could make things more tense?
Wow, that was really interesting and a lot of fun! I love the gimmicks you put in and that Sonic 4 special stage like control! When I got all the blue spheres I was completely aware of what I was supposed to do until I reset

but WOW that "Hurry Up!" music was crazy, absolutely loved it I definitely would like to know where it's from! Also thanks for making this a browser game, didn't expect to not have to download the game to play it! Great job!

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