SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 1: Green Hill Revisited


UPDATE AS 01/18/2021:
Sonic 1 Revisited is canceled due to decompilation of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 2013 releases. S1R is now a standalone Green Hill tech demo of Orbinaut Framework. We might update the project later to keep it clear that it has been discontinued.

We'll continue to develop our framework, so make sure to follow our twitter linked down below if you are interested.

"Sonic 1: Green Hill Revisited" is a remake of Green Hill Zone build from the ground up, developed with GameMaker Studio 2 using our own private framework called "Orbinaut Framework", by me and my friend MicG.
The main goal of the project is to make it as close to original game as possible by doing a lot of researching in the original game code.


• Game-styled Main Menu right on the Title Screen. Simple and awesome-looking.
Fully playable Green Hill Zone including boss. (boss was the harder thing in the whole project)
• MegaDrive accurate linear colour levels and palette limitations.
Full Xinput gamepad support. Everywhere. Literally. (We support it even if the game is closed).
• Four aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 21:9) and four window modes. Hey ultrawidescreen users, we know you exist!
• Three soundtrack types: original, remixed (act-based) and 2013 Mobile HQ. Awesome choice if you tired of original GHZ theme!
Optional Spindash and Speedcap. It's up to you to decide, what you really want to be featured in your walkthrough.
• Functional pause menu! Restart current act without losing a life or back to the Main Menu.
Discord Rich Presence support. Wait, you're already playing Act 3? HOW?

Please, make sure your PC has at least this setup and only after that comment about any crashes.

• 64Bit OS Windows 7
• CPU with 2 Cores
• GPU supporting Shader Model 3.0
• 256MB RAM
• 50MB of disk space

This booth: Check the right side of the page!
Mirror: Google Drive




Follow us on Twitter for more!


Update 01/18/2021
- Sonic 1 Revisited is canceled due to decompilation of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 2013 releases. S1R is now a standalone Green Hill tech demo of Orbinaut Framework. We might update the project later to keep it clear that it has been discontinued. Thank you for your support!

Version 0.1
- SAGE'20, first public release

Version 0.11, 07/09/2020
- "20th anniversary" text on the SAGE screen is now on its correct position
- Fixed vertical red spring working like the yellow one
- Fixed strange monitor behavior
- Fixed wrong spindash release when facing left
- Fixed corrupted invincibility theme in HQ 2013 soundtrack
- Fixed a bug when Sonic "sticked" to the wall near S-Tunnels
- Fixed wrong layer depth for bonus points objects
- Fixed camera level go down if you go back at the end of Act 2
- Corrected the time before level restarts after you die
- Added new jumping animation for Sonic at act results
- Added Level Select (JP)

Version 0.12, 10/09/2020
- Explosions that are spawning during capsule destroy event are now correct
- Fixed a glitch when another invincibility effects spawned on player if he already had invincibility
powerup and destroyed another invincibility monitor
- Fixed corrupted non-HQ boss music
- Minor improvements

Version 0.13, 13/09/2020 - Final SAGE'20 patch
- Removed Sage Intro
- Added a current version splash to the Main Menu
- Corrected Act 3 camera triggers placements to behave like in the original game
- Corrected depth of explosions spawning after beating the boss
- Temporary "fixed" a possibility to be launched into the wall after two S-tunnels in Act 1
- Fixed random stuck in the S-tunnel when going upwards
- Fixed a glitch when player died by nothing because triggered camera level to go up but was above
actual camera bottom border
- Fixed a bug with the camera stopping scrolling to the capsule if it was destroyed if using 21:9 ascept ratio
- Fixed non-solid dark walls in the underbridge room in Act 3 to be solid
- Fixed non-solid light walls in Act 2 near the S-tunnel to be solid
- Fixed a clip through the breakable walls if you jumped into the dark one while facing right
- Fixed flowers animation being stopped whenever the act is finished


• Triangly - Project Lead, Programmer
• MicG (Michael Gallinago) - Programmer
• Karl Brueggemann - Remixed Music Composer (2013 "Sonic 1 Revisited" Album)
• SEGA, Sonic Team - Original Game, Graphical Assets

Special Thanks:
• Lapper - Information Support, Sonic Retro's Sonic Physics Guide Updates
• All of our Twitter Followers

Latest reviews

Amazing game!
The things I like.
1. I like the remixed ost.
2. I like how to physics are close to the genesis version.
The things I don't like and/or bug reports
Bug reports:
1. I can drop throw that bridge after the speed shoes for some reason
Overall Rating: 4 stars
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Thank you :)
its soo amazing i love it it looks like the mobile port but better i hope the full version get released soon! :)
It looked great and was really fun and the remixed music was amazing
This is just absolutely stunning, honestly. You'd better believe I played through Green Hill Zone acts 1 to 3 with every aspect ratio and soundtrack option! Speaking of which, I love those remixes in the 'remixed' option. What's here already is so brilliant, I can't wait for future updates!
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This is a good Sonic 1 PC port, no doubt, I have experienced no glitches either. Maybe add some options for more smoother animations and more Sonic abilities like the peel out etc. My main issue is that I can't change controls. This is so annoying! Using the arrow keys and S to play is so uncomfortable. We should be able to customize them or at least have WASD and Space Bar as a preset control option.
Sonic 1 Revisited is canceled due to decompilation of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 2013 releases. Aw man this was actually better than the 2013 releases

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