1. sonic rush adventure is underrated and I'm glad marine and blaze are getting recognition
  2. Very good writing that captures marine and blaze's personality accurately
  3. CG art is cute, all original art is cute and expressive
  4. talking map from dora the explorer lmao
  5. OC design was nice
  6. can't wait to see waitress's designs
  7. the HUD looks like rush adventure which i love
  8. good story
  • music used from different games
  • art used from different games
  • music loops poorly
  • choices don't really matter too much
even though there are less cons, its a little lazy to use stuff from other things. sonic rush adventure OST could be acceptable. you aren't making profit from it so i think its okay?

all things said, i am looking forward to chapter 2 and I'm impressed you managed to gather a team that appreciate blaze, marine, sonic rush adventure and the world potential in it.
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Thank you for the feedback @Dextergethood! :D

Believe it or not, Sonic Rush Adventure, along with others, is the game that inspired me to be a game dev, so it definitely makes me feel warm to see others who appreciate the series too.
Some of those those things that need improvement, especially the decision making, does need polishing. We'll work on that more. Same with the music.
Overall, I'm glad you liked the game and we sure can't wait to make more!