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SAGE 2022 - Complete Shadow's Ladder

SAGE 22 - Sonic Fan Game 16 out of 69 - Shadow's Ladder
An excellent blend of two genres.

I love this. Mix my favorite kind of horror, atmospheric horror, and take the platforming of the Classic Sonic games and you get this. Something that probably shouldn't mix too well, but somehow it works.

The controls are really accurate to Classic, to the point where the roll lock is even a thing (I know some people ain't gonna like that).
Now just because I said it mixed two genres doesn't mean the game favors both. It's more of a puzzle platformer horror game rather than focusing on the speedy nature of Sonic. So my advice is to take this game at a slower pace rather than rushing it.

I need to admit, I did not complete the game due to me getting stuck in the cavern with a QR code. I did scan it but did not know what to do afterward. Probably would have had to move on to the other Sonic fan games anyways since this is a complete game anyways. But I still wished the game had an easier hint system for players that are not familiar with puzzles like these, like me for example.

Overall, I loved this with the time I put into it. Will try to complete it someday. 👍
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Game is scared me some times, but i like it sfx, art, and conception