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Seeing Red is an shooting adventure game where you play as one of a varied selection of heroes navigating the remains of an old world underground. The world includes desolate ruins, rickety mines, eerie dungeons, and finally treacherous lava caves. You will control these unique heroes through this old world by navigating randomly generated levels, shooting any enemies that cross your path, and by beating the boss at the end of each level.

The game is a reflex-based shooter where skill and reflexes are key to survival. Each dungeon is unique in layout, and options are available to customize the length of each dungeon, as well as how many dungeons the player must complete per area. While creating this game, my aim as a developer was to supply the player with all of the content available from the get-go in order to let them experiment and create their own experience exploring my world...

This release is my first original project, and is also a heavily expanded version of my entry into the "Optical Jam 5". This release was more of an arcade game with a scoring system. Said release has been included with this package as an extra mode for old fans, or those who wish for an experience separate from the main spelunking action. Based on this original structure; I have also included a local co-op mode that plays the same, only with two players!

I hope you all consider adding Seeing Red to your library and that if you do, that you enjoy the game...

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Bonus Content

Game file includes:
- A main campaign with high replayability
- Randomly generated dungeons with settings to allow the player to customize their
- Six playable characters with their own unique traits
- Seven different weapon types
- Four enemy types
- Five boss fights
- Four areas
- An updated version of the original game jam release of Seeing Red
- Simple controller support
- A local 2P Co-op game based on the original release


Art - Claire Hennessy
Gameplay, pixel art, design - RetroDEV
Music - Hyper


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