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Rocket Hat SAGE 2020 Demo

General Information

Welcome to the Rocket Hat page, here you'll see all details about this game!
Created by Electrodev, Rocket Hat is a game I've been working on for around five months.

This game was inspired by the Bullet Bill mask from the game Super Mario Maker 2, I loved the powerup and decided to expand on it, starting the development of this game, with the overall structure and design I've taken inspiration from many retro and indie platformers, especially with the replayability aspect of those games.


Welcome to the Training dungeon
In this demo, you'll run and jump through the Training dungeon, once a famous place dedicated to training ancient warrior, now abandoned and dark. You play as Rocket Boy, a small little sad meatball looking creature with a special propeller on his back.


This game isn't just jumping and running, you'll be able to perform a few tricks that can help you go through the levels even faster, and find secrets


What's in this game?
This game showcases the game's first world, 8 levels+ a boss fight!
Despite the low amount of levels, there's way more you can do.

Speedrun mode
In this mode, that can be activated from the main menu, a timer will appear every time you enter a level, it will tell you your current time, and the time needed to get the golden medal, there are three types of medals: golden, silver, and bronze.
You can always check your best time from the pause menu.


Every level has a document collectible you can find, and you'll need to use your skills to get them, especially dealing with your jump.
These documents will unlock concept art you can see from the little scrapbook in the pause menu.

While exploring the hub world, you'll find a robot with a strange tophat, talking to them will let you enter the Silly Shop, here you can use the moons you collected to buy new costumes.
You can change your look using the 1 and 2 keys, to the shoulder buttons when using a controller. There's also a little menu where you can select your costume without pressing a button multiple times on the pause menu.


There are 5 achievements you can unlock, and you check them from the same menu you can see your best times.


I really hope you'll enjoy the game, don't forget to leave a comment and write what you liked and didn't like about the game!

UPDATE 09/12
-Hopefully fixed problems with heavy lag
-Hopefully fixed problems with text not showing
-More portraits for the player


I couldn't get past the title screen where it plays Mario and Luigi. It told me to press start, but no button on my keyboard or gamepad would start it.

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