Just like Space Kahuna, this game has good graphics, except it's not all 8 bit pixel art here, and it still looks good. The player controls well, if feels a bit like Alex Kidd, but collision and getting hit by some enemies and projectiles sometimes was really easy and with no way to avoid it, which perhaps is more on the enemy movement pattern and not hitboxes, and not to mention health isn't replenished between acts/stages (?), it made the game a bit hard.
Some sprites stitching could be better, like the grey boxes which are just floating around (which I don't know what they do in case you expected me to have figured it out! edit: I tried out practice and there's a charge punch, which I naturally tried but takes so long that I never did it)
It doesn't seem like enemies interact with boxes and can go through them, and getting squished by them makes you slowly go on top of them.
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Jerry McClellan
Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. a lot of the art is placeholders from the 1st game which I plan to improve.