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You as a player will be put into the shoes of June; a free runner who is capable of intense and seemingly impossible parkour. with an immersive first-person perspective; and using her gear and athletic ability, will run, jump, and climb over the rooftops of the iron skyline to escape the restrictions of urban life; and reach the rural landscapes beyond the capital.

Fulfil objectives, collect Fragments and Runner Sachels, and complete time trials of levels to earn chips. These chips will grant you access to more levels until you reach the outskirts, where nature is not smothered by the technology of the futuristic city June lives in.

The open levels are simple to understand but hard to master. You will be able to take advantage of all of June's moves to overcome thrilling platforming action, while also unlocking upgrades along the way.

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Bonus Content

Project Lynx is a [Currently] work-in-progress addition to the First-Person platforming genre.

The draw to this game is the more traditional approach to level design with modern platforming controls and the addition of
different parkour abilities. Instead of scripted pathways and
set pieces; the levels in this game will be more open-ended,
like small worlds in an early 3D Mascot Platformer. Said levels will also be brimming with collectible "Fragments" and
"Satchels", and will also house a "Time Trial" for more speedy
players to enjoy!

Unlike my other games; I will be releasing many different builds and demos of this project over its development cycle in an attempt to gain feedback and publicity.

I hope everyone enjoys Project Lynx and that they will consider following the development if the game is of interest! :3

Thank you everyone for supporting me during the development
cycle of this game.


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