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Out-Class Hunter (SAGE '21 Demo)

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Out-Class Hunter
is a story that follows the Bounty Hunter H-14 "Winona" tasked with taking down a mysterious mercenary who has taken the biome research space station Olieribos hostage. This mercenary has completely flooded the station with his deadly robots. Luckily for H-14 for every one she takes down she gets a bigger reward.
Demo Features

  • Fast Paced Gameplay
  • First Preview Chapter of the Full Game
    • 2 Normal Stages, 1 Boss Stage
    • Hub Featuring a Vending Machine
  • Secret Indie Carts
  • New Droppable Checkpoints
  • Raytracing
  • Bounty System! - You gain reward instead of points! Every robot destroyed ,Boss Defeated ,Stage cleared ,Pickups Picked! gains you more reward! However being a bounty hunter ain't easy. Negative actions like Taking Damage, and Dying will make you lose reward and even go into debt!.
  • Spend that reward! - Sometimes you'll need to pay your way to success. You can buy extra checkpoints ,health, and sometimes you can only reach certain areas with enough reward.
  • Hub World! - Explore the Space Station,Spend your rewards, and Discover Secrets!
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A Slippery but Exciting Experience

Out-Class Hunter shines with polish and it's getting better with every iteration! The controls (at the moment) don't give the player enough air steering to land onto teeny tiny platforms, but when you reach high speeds and rip through areas that are better tuned for the controls (i.e. second half of the 2nd level) the game transcends into an experience rivaled by the likes of Freedom Planet and SRB2.

I think the jump could use just a but of a boost; I find myself feeling like I don't quite reach the right height to land onto platforms even just a tiny bit above me, or at least it feels like I don't get myself to the right height fast enough. Also, not being able to look down almost at all makes it a bit hard to see what's going on below. The levels are a bit on the short side, but I really like how there's multiple paths you can take!

Excited to see this game shift into the next gear and become even better. I'm really impressed with what's here, it just needs a few more adjustments needed, that's all!
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Interesting take on the SRB2 style of gameplay.
The graphics are gorgeous and a lot of modelling work has been put into it, well done.

It's a really interesting idea to have a 'put your own checkpoints' kind of thing. But if either; the player forgets that feature or you [accidentally] put a checkpoint in a unescapable buggy area then what then?

It's also a little [dare i say] too fast and too slippery atm.

I know this is super early beta but I'd thought I'd report some stuff here;


-homing attacking an enemy while you're a little under a ledge will noclip you though the floor
-frame rate drops during certain levels 'mostly entering a level'
-also this isn't a bug but during the beginning cutscene, maybe add mouth animations for your character? it could even be one frame of an open mouth.

don't let these critiques discourage ya I'm only being honest is all.
You guys did a great job so far and I look forward to seeing future progress!
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Clipping through environments with the dash is a known bug. Along with a bunch of other performance issues are already been fixed or are going to be fixed as a result of some major overhauls.

Also she is thinking in her head in the beginning cutscene not talking out loud. However in other cutscenes we are planning to add better feedback for who is talking.

Keep an eye on twitter or our discord for more details. We're already working on many changes and improvements!


the game crashes with an error saying that directx 12 is not supported by my system even though dxdiag shows that i have directx 12

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