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I've never played Sonic Robo Blast 2, before, but I can kinda feel it in this game's engine. For me and how I play 3D platformers, that's going to mean my review here might not be up-to-code, so to speak, since I'm learnign the engine fresh.
: Haven't you played SRBK2, dood?)
High Points:
+When you can get used to how platforming works, it feels nice and fluid, traversing obstacles and destroying robots.
+I'm a sucker for forests, and the second stage feels especially nice~

Tripping Points:
-It's likely because I've never played SRB2 proper, but I had an especially hard time adjusting to the physics engine, especially for finite platforming. When moving on the ground, it feels fluid and graceful. In the air, on the other hand, it's incredibly stiff and awkward, especially if you have a lot of momentum. My issue ends up being that I can't seem to adjust to the sudden realism in aerial physics enough to make tight jumps, and as a result, over or under-compensate by a ridiculous degree.
-Play the second stage at absolute minimum quality, for the best experience. For reference, I have a B-tier HP Pavilion gaming rig and having the settings at second above minimum tanks the framerate and induces minor input delay. Go higher than that, and there can be up to a full 60 frames(one second) of delay, making platforming even more nightmarish. It's a shame, too, because the fog effects and the lighting on the trees(which I'm convinced are the cause of the issue) look absolutely gorgeous.

Mixed Nuts:
=Wait around for a minute in the opening area and check around the ruins lol
=I... managed to beat the boss, fling myself into the death pit, die successfully and clear the stage? Um... okay?
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Hey! Thanks for the review! This feedback will be very helpful

We made some major adjustments to Woodlands to help the FPS in the most recent update. If you weren't playing that build (V5 on here) you'd be getting low FPS. I would also love to get your full PC specs if you would DM them to me as it would help me a ton.

As for the death pit on the boss you don't actually "die" until you run out of lives. You teleport back to your last checkpoint. We might need to adjust the feedback to this and some boss balancing to make it more clear this is whats happening. We also plan to add a boss defeat cinematic in the future as well

Also to anyone who may read this any feedback on air control is super helpful we are always tweaking it to get it just right!